Your First Visit

At Four Fountains De-Stress Spa we provide therapies that are highly scientific and therapeutic. Here is what you can expect on your first visit to the spa.

Meet and Greet

On your arrival at Four Fountains De-stress Spa, you will be greeted by our front desk executives. Please let them know if you have already made an appointment. Even if you don’t, our team will make every effort to accommodate you subject to availability.

Understand Therapies

Our Guest Health Counsellors (GHC) will give you a short introduction to therapies that we offer at our spa. They will also help you to fill out a profile form that has some details about your lifestyle and health status. Based on your health status and lifestyle, the GHC will help you to choose the right therapy. The GHC will also let you choose the farewell drink from given options that will be served after your therapy.

Spa Doctor Consultation (Optional/Based On Doctor Availability)

You may request for a consultation with a spa doctor if the doctor is available at the time of your appointment, and there is enough time before your therapy starts. The doctor can guide you to choose the right therapy based on your stress levels and lifestyle. You may also get some consultation about lifestyle changes. .

Know Your Stress Level (Optional)

If you wish you can take a Computerized Stress Test. This test helps to understand your body’s ability to cope with stress. During the test your heart rate will be determined to identify your level of stress as high, medium or low.

Preparing For Your Therapy Session

The GHC will now introduce you to the Health-in-Charge (HIC) who will perform the therapy. You will be then taken you to a clean, fully equipped therapy room where a comfortable massage therapy bed awaits you. The room contains an in-built shower enclosure, a locker for your valuables, a place to hang your clothes and a chair. Your Health-in-Charge will leave the room and wait outside while you remove your footwear, lock your valuables and change into disposable underclothes provided by the spa. Your Health-In-Charge will give you a few minutes for this process and you can knock on the door to indicate that you are ready. Before starting, your Health-In-Charge will confirm the therapy you have been recommended and the start time. Do let him/her know if you would like to adjust the room temperature at this stage.

During You Therapy Session

Once you start with your spa therapy, be at complete ease. Your Health-in-Charge will enquire whether the pressure and room temperature are at par with your expectations and if you desire any change you can let him/her know. Throughout your therapy the Health-In-Charge will follow our prescribed standards of draping i.e. parts of your body that are not being worked on will always remain covered with a draping cloth.

At The End of Your Therapy Session

Once your session is over, your therapist will inform you the end time and leave the room. You can take shower in the attached shower in your room. In the shower you will find provision for hot and cold water as well as shampoo and body gel. Once you are done with your shower and dressed, you are requested to press the calling bell in the room to let your Health-In-Charge know you are ready to leave the room.

Before You Leave

You can then proceed to the reception and be seated where you will be offered a farewell drink you have given preference to at the beginning. A feedback form will be offered to you for your comments and your suggestions are highly appreciated. Should you wish to speak to someone at this stage our front desk executives will be more than happy to assist you.

Information on Membership and Products

The Guest Heath Counsellor will help you understand our pre-paid membership plans. You will also be given information on various products offered by Four Fountains Labs. You may purchase the farewell drink or any other products at the spa.

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