Why Do You Need a Post-Diwali Detoxification Therapy


Diwali, the festival of lights is undoubtedly a time to feast on delicious snacks and sweets. A table set with variety of sweet food items can surely tempt you to break your months old New Year’s dieting resolution. You tend to forget all your diet restrictions this festive season and why not? Diwali comes just once in a year. It is not sinful to indulge a little in the goodness of the festival, but only if you promise yourself to get back on track after the holidays. 

Why Detox?

The toxins and free radicals that you collect through the polluted air and careless eating can block the vital processes in your body. This can speed up the wearing of your vital organs including your skin and as a result accelerate the ageing process.

 How Do You Carry Out Body Detox?

You can begin by having lots of water to cleanse your body of the toxins. Gradually reduce sugar intake so that you can slowly cut down on the calories without withdrawal episodes. Also, reduce the size of your meal, but see that you don’t skip meals. To avoid starving, have your meals in small quantities five to six times a day instead of the usual three or four times. Have more fruits which are rich in antioxidants in your diet, in order to help your body get rid of the free radicals that accumulate over time.

Hurrying into crash diets would be a big mistake, because it does more harm than any good. It is not only ineffective, but also causes adverse reactions in your metabolism. Maintain a routine of rigorous physical activity at least for an hour every day to burn the calories collected during the festive season.

You can also go to a health spa for detoxification. With a healthy routine and an active lifestyle you can successfully reclaim your health post Diwali.

If you are living in Mumbai or Delhi you have a lot of options. There are a number of popular health spas in Mumbai and Delhi offering a variety of detoxification therapies. Sign up for a professional massage in Delhi or Mumbai by skilled therapists at a health spa of good reputation. 

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