Why Do People With Best Jobs Report Being Extremely Stressed?


Is your job getting very stressful? Are you struggling to get your next promotion? Caution! Getting right to the top, does not end the stress and struggle. In fact, it can get worse for you.  Recent findings report that in India, stress levels among working professionals rise with increase in salary and job responsibility. 

Modern life is getting stressful for almost everyone.  Most people report being stressed due to their constant struggle to get the best job, financial security, social status, and professional growth, ultimately anything that could lead to happier life. However, people who have already achieved all these luxuries too report being under tremendous stress. This clearly means stress has become an inevitable component of our lives weather one has achieved success or is still struggling to reach for one.

Recently, Optum, formerly PPC Worldwide, a global provider of employee assistance programmes, reported that stress levels have increased dramatically among Indian working professionals. This year there has been 44 per cent increase in cases who attempted suicide due to mental tension and high stress level.  Here is an interesting article that was recently published in Economic times. Flip side of fat pay cheque: Executives under a lot of pressure

If people believed that struggle to reach to the top is stressful, why are people who are already on top stressed? Experts believe that people on higher positions at corporates, suffer too much mental tension as they do not get enough time for themselves to de-stress and indulge in things that make them happy.  At times, it’s not the stress but the inability to cope with it makes one suffer.  Many people know they are in stress and that it is taking a toll on their health. Yet, they do not take any action because they don’t really know what causes stress and how to manage stress. So here are 3 simple to things to do when you feel that you are getting stressed.


1. Find Out Your Stressor

Is it your job, financial problem, your boss, your illness or something else. You can’t really fight stress unless you know what is causing it.

2. Don’t Think About Stress

When you have a high-demanding job, stress becomes a part of it. Don’t imagine how stressful your job is, because our brain cannot differentiate between what we are imagining and what is actually happening. So, when you keep thinking about stress, you actually suffer without actually being in stress.

3. Manage your stress as soon as possible

Don’t hold yourself back from indulging in a hobby that makes you happy from inside. There are some more proven ways of stress management such as yoga, exercise or meditation techniques.  Massage therapy is another effective method to manage stress. If you are looking for a professional spa that provides therapeutic massage in Mumbai you can try one at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa.

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