Why Companies should consider Mobile Spas for their Employees

Corporate wellness

Do employees in your organization suffer from work-related stress and fatigue?


Setting up a mobile spa at your office is a novel way to offer de-stressing spa therapies to help your employees overcome work-related stress and fatigue. This simple initiative can go a long way in improving productivity at the workplace.

Benefits of Mobile Spa to Employees

Reduces Anxiety and Blood Pressure

Massage therapies in a mobile spa reduce anxiety by lowering levels of the stress-hormone cortisol and increasing levels of the happiness-hormone serotonin in the body. By regulating the autonomic nervous system they also effectively lower blood pressure

Reduces Body Aches and Pains

Massage therapies relieve body pain by healing damaged muscle tissues. They improve blood circulation which brings more oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles

Reduces Fatigue

Massage therapies remove fatigue by eliminating blockages in the body’s meridians or invisible energy lines. They also improve alertness during tests of mental performance.

Boosts Immunity

Massage therapies increase the response of lymphocytes (type of white blood cell), which improves the body’s resistance to diseases.


Benefits of a Mobile Spa to Companies

Reduces Direct Healthcare costs

By preventing the onset of stress-induced illnesses, massage therapies provided at a mobile spa reduce healthcare costs of the companies.

Reduces Indirect Costs

By having a positive, relaxing effect on the body and mind, massage therapies reduce episodes of absenteeism and thus reduce the cost indirectly.

Improves Work Performance

Massage therapies improve work performance by improving alertness and problem-solving ability.

Attracts Potential Employees

Providing a mobile spa at work projects the right image of your company being caring towards employees.

Retains Existing Employee

By providing therapeutic massage companies gain employee goodwill and instills pride in working for the company

There are a number of spas in Mumbai that offer excellent mobile spa services for employee wellness schemes. A weekly or monthly massage session for your employees, not only keeps them healthy and relaxed, but also makes them feel good about the company and work with greater enthusiasm.

As the best spa in Mumbai, the Four Fountains De-stress spa offers excellent mobile spa service for corporate wellness programmes and other special events. Mobile spas offer seated and dry therapy sessions for your employees. You do not have to worry about the spa decor, furniture and the transportation logistics, as they are all handled by our professionals. With rejuvenating foot massage or back massage, the therapists can ease stress and improve your employees’ mood and overall health, thereby keeping them fit and productive.

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