Warming Red Thyme Massage

Warming Red Thyme Massage

The Warming Red Thyme Massage keeps you warm and protected from illnesses that are common during winter.The core ingredients used in the massage include Red Thyme, Clove and Clary Sage. Each of these ingredients possesses unique medicinal properties which when blended together, form the perfect protection from illness that is common during winter.

Red Thyme is known to help fight infections like cold, cough and sore throat whereas Clove and Clary Sage are armed to reduce muscle pain, nervous anxietyand help with skin conditions such as dryness and roughness that are common during winter.

By using the blend of Red Thyme, Clove and Clary sage essential oils, the massage increases body resistance and warmth.

The blended essential oils are kept continuously warm in a special crucible on a low flame. The gentle heat of the oil is absorbed by your body during the massage to keep you warm and free from winter-related illnesses.

Duration : 60 mins

Price :

Delhi Gurgaon Mumbai : Rs. 2699/-

Bangalore Hyderabad Pune : Rs. 2399/-

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