Try This Natural Therapy at Pune Spa to Get Some Good Night’s Sleep

Pune as everyone knows is a home to some of the prestigious educational institutes and well-known business centers. Most people who work in corporate firms spend about 10 to 12 hours in window- less office. Although it is pleasant to work in a cool and well-lit office, you deprive your body of an important natural supplement without even realising.  And, that is sunlight! A human body needs to be exposed to an adequate amount of sunlight each day for some vital physiological functions such vitamin D synthesis, metabolism and sleep regulation.  Did you know that lack of sun exposure can be an important contributing factor to sleep problems in Pune?   

If you have been having sleep problems such as difficulty initiating sleep or maintaining sleep, try to rehash your daily schedule. How often do you get exposed to sun rays? Exposure to sunlight in the morning triggers secretion of melatonin at night hours and helps us to fall asleep. However lack of sun exposure or too much exposure to artificial UV light disturbs the normal circadian rhythm of body leading to sleep problems. In order to avoid this make sure to get some sun exposure at least 15 minutes per day. You can try some healthy sleeping habits to regularise your sleep cycle. Shirodhara in Pune is an Ayurvedic therapy, which is known to calm down the mind and induce sleep. You can try shirodhara at professional spa in Pune to experience its benefits. Shirodhara is an age-old therapy and includes pouring of warm herbal oil on the forehead. This soothes the hypothalamus and relaxes the nerves. Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in one of the best professional spas in Pune that offers this Ayurvedic therapy. It goes by the name Sleep regulating therapy at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Pune and is truly an effective therapy that can regulate your sleep cycle. So, if your stressful lifestyle and long working hours are keeping you from getting adequate sleep. All you need to do is make a sleep schedule for yourself, get some sunlight in the morning and go for regular shirodhara at a reputed spa in Pune. Click here to know some more healthy sleeping habits.