Tiredness and Low Energy: Are You Eating The Right Food?


Do you see the marathon runners and wonder where do they get the stamina and energy from?

If you ask yourself, do you think you can reach the office on the 8th floor on time if there was no elevator? In today’s modern world it is very easy to see young people complain of tiredness, low energy and stamina. Most of us cannot run, jump or even exercise for more than 30 minutes without grasping for breath. How did we come to this stage, when our forefathers could actually walk for distances carrying heavy loads every day without any tiredness?

It is natural to get tired after a heavy physical work that needs high energy expenditure. However, we tend to get tired even after a little physical exertion such as climbing stairs or standing for long hours. Find out why you get tired physically when in mental stress. Before, we move on to make any conclusions about our physical inabilities causing tiredness, lets divert our attention to some other aspect of our lifestyle. Did you know that poor diet can also lead to low energy and stamina? Here are 6 dietary habits that could be hampering your energy and stamina.

Skipping Meals


Many people have this common misconception that skipping meals can reduce their calorie intake and help to lose weight. However, skipping meal is an extremely unhealthy habit. Without adequate supply of calorie at frequent intervals, body feels low on energy. Since the blood sugar levels drop, you may feel mentally exhausted or tired.

Eating Processed Food


Processed foods are packed with salt, sugar and preservatives. Studies have reported that consumption of diet that contains too much added sugar especially the artificial sweeteners can make your lethargic.

Junk Foods


High calorie foods that contain too much of saturated fats tend to slow the functioning of brain.

More Than 4 Cups of Coffee in Per Day


Caffeine is a brain stimulant, but only when consumed in moderate quantity. Clinical evidence suggests that more than 4 cups of coffee in a day is hazardous to health. Coffee stimulates the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline which prepares your body to get into “flight or fight” situation. However, the body does not need to get into this mode while you are just sitting at your desk and sipping coffee. So, the adrenaline in the body remains unused at this situation, however, it affects the body later and drops the energy levels.

Too much Alcohol Consumption


Many people are misinformed that one glass of drink can help them forget tensions and get good sleep. However, alcohol actually raises the levels of epinephrine, a stress hormone that can result in night time awakenings. Disturbed sleep at night can lead to tiredness and lethargy during the day. In addition, alcohol can affect the adrenal glands and lead to adrenal fatigue.

Restrictive Eating


People have different likings and choices for food items. Furthermore, the popularity of diet plans such as low-fat, low-carbs, raw foods etc. leads to consumption of very specific food classes. Our body needs right amount nutrition from all food groups such as good fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein etc. as energy sources. However, restrictive dieting makes the body deprived of important nutrients and can lead to low energy, lethargy and tiredness.

Missing Iron-Rich food

Iron is an essential micronutrient that carries oxygen throughout the body. Deficiency of iron can make you look pale, have low energy and stamina.

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