The Untold History and Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

Did you know Thai Massage is as effective as a pain relieving medication Ibuprofen? Thai Massage is a dry massage therapy that is performed using different compressing and stretching actions that are similar to those used in Yoga. Thai Massage can benefit almost every organ in your body. This article gives some interesting information on origin of this effective therapy and its health benefit that you probably were not aware of.




The origins and history

Thai Massage is an ancient therapy that has been practiced in Thailand for thousands of years. It is believed that Thai Massage was developed more than 2500 years ago by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha (   Shivago Kompara ) a friend to the Buddha who had tremendous knowledge of medicine. Shivago is believed by most Thai healers to be the inventor of Thai traditional medicine. He is also referred to as the ‘Father Doctor” and the Thai healer practice the ethics of giving thanks to the Father Doctor before and after massage.


The experts and researchers also report that Thai medicine is believed to have “Rural” and “Royal Traditions. The rural traditions seem non-scholarly and rely on informal methods of education. The “Rural” tradition of healing seems to be passed down to generations through some secret code transmitted orally from the teacher to its pupils. On the other hand, the Royal tradition of Thai medicine is believed to be developed at the royal court and shows influence from India, China, the Muslim world. It seems to have a great influence from the Ayurvedic tradition from India.

Although the evolution of techniques and practices has happened in Thailand, the origin of Thai Massage can be actually traced to India. Its yoga philosophy is another reason to believe that this therapy has its roots in Ancient India.

The Principles of Thai Massage

Thai Massage is very different from the other massage therapies that usually involve tissue manipulation. It is a dry massage therapy and does not use any oils or lotion. Instead it is performed using deep compressing, rhythmic pressing, and stretching actions. The pressure, tension, and motion or vibration movements used during massage improve regional blood circulation. The Thai Massage is performed using different body parts such as palm, thumb, fingers, forearm, elbow or even feet.

Thai Massage used a variety of yoga like stretching positions that is believed to cause its therapeutic effects. Thai massage is based on principles of correcting the energy balance through the body. The basic principle of Thai Massage is to start with from the extremities of the body (laterally), work towards the core of the body (medially), and then back to the extremities. This ensured the flow of energy though the energy channels called meridians, and also improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Health Benefits of Thai Massage

1. Relaxes Muscles and relieves pain

The combination of stretching action and gentle massage relaxes and lengthens tight muscles. It also reduces the stiffness or knots in muscle that cause pain

2. Increases muscle flexibility

The yoga stretching actions stretches the muscle to the sustainable point. This improves the muscle tone and flexibility

3. Improves joint motions

The stretching action improves the movement of fluids (such as lymph, synovial and cerebrospinal) in the space between joints.

4. Improves blood circulation

The massage action improves the blood circulation throughout the body

5. Relieves musculoskeletal pain

Tight muscles can put pressure on the joints and cause musculoskeletal pain such as back pain or shoulder pain. Thai massage release the pressure from joints and allows them to fall back into proper alignment, relieving the pain.

6. Improves immunity

Improved blood circulation helps to remove the toxins from the body. This increases immunity to diseases

7. Promotes mental relaxation

Relaxes body and mine to release of emotional or mental stress

9. Reduces fatigue

Massage and stretching can effectively reduce body soreness and fatigue

10. Sleep Problems

Naturally soothing to the mind and body, Thai Massage helps you to sleep better and alleviate disturbed sleep patterns.