Benefits of Thai Massage


Increased work pressure, crowded places, traffic jams, and long commute to work! When the day ends, our mind and body feels tired and start looking for a way to relax.

Thai Massage is a popular type of dry massage therapy for fatigue that helps your body to relax by means of exercising in various postures and arrangements. It is believed that Thai Massage was developed more than 2500 years ago by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a physician who had tremendous knowledge of herbal medicine.

Experienced spa therapists perform Thai Massage using their hands, legs, feet and knees to make you move into a variety of yoga-type stretches and work-outs. You are made to lie down on a floor or massage bed, which allows the therapist to conduct the exercise smoothly. The Thai Massage is a dry massage therapy and does not use any oils or lotion. Instead it is performed using deep compressing, rhythmic pressing, and stretching actions.

 The benefits of Thai Massage 

  • Improves regional blood circulation
  • Reduces pain and physical fatigue
  • Releases muscular tension
  • Releases mental and emotional stress
  • Helps improve the concentration

Thai Massage is highly beneficial in a number of ways; just do not hesitate to open up and make the therapists aware of your comfort and preferred pressure.

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