Techno Stress: A New Bug That is Eating up Your Peace of Mind


How frequently do you take out your phone and check for new notifications?

According to a new study an average smart phone user picks up the phone nearly 27 times in a day.  Many participants even confessed that they reach for phone and open some apps without even realising it. The experts have come up with new terminology “Compulsive phone checker” for those who get addicted to and obsessed with their phone.

Rapid advancement in technology has surely made our lives easier. However, it is actually a double edged phenomenon.  Use of electronic equipment can save a lot of time, energy and cut down on need for labour.   On the other hand research suggests that too much availability of technology and gadgets can actually increase our stress levels by forcing us to stay connected and work beyond work times.  With the availability of suitable devices and internet you are always at work and so under mental tension.

Research suggests that techno stress is associated with high levels of anxiety and fatigue.  Many people find it very difficult to keep their work and leisure time distinctly separate and so end up working for long hours.   But, technology cannot make us stressed if we know how to handle it carefully and luckily there are several ways you can reduce your techno stress. Here are few tips that may benefit you.

1. Don’t Connect Office Mails to Your Personal Phone  

If your work does not need round the clock responses, why bother yourself with messages that can be answered the next day? It is best to keep your work at office and not bring it home. If you think you need to answer some message immediately, use the email filters so that you receive only relatively urgent and important emails.

2. Work Efficiently and Sincerely During Office Hours

Rehashing some words by Dr. Kalam “A person who stays late at office is not a hard working person. Instead he is someone who does not know how to manage work within stipulated time”.  Many times we tend to visit social media sites to get rid of work stress.  Distracting yourself for some time is fine, but many people spend a lot of their work time checking personal messages and surfing social media. This can surely distract you from work and reduce your concentration. Remind yourself to work efficiently and sincerely during work times so that you can have your personal time just for yourself.

3. Avoid Using Phones For Personal Use At Work Places

According to a survey conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, too much use of phone for personal reasons during work times is disrespectful and annoying. It signifies lack of attention, interest and efficiency at work.

4. Go On Vacation Without Internet

Can you imagine this? No messages, chats, emails or uploading pictures for a day? Take a break and keep all the gadgets at home if you are out spending some quality moments with your family or friends.

5. Follow The Rule Of 20:20:20

Using phones or staring at computer screen for long time can cause eye strain, headache or watering of eyes, a condition known as digital eye strain.   To prevent digital eye strain, follow the rule of 20:20:20. After every 20 minutes, look away from the screen at an object 20 feet away for about 20 seconds and then close your eyes for 2 minutes.

Try Aromatherapy Massage and get rid of work stress

6. Go For Relaxing Massage To Reduce Your Stress

It is not possible to avoid stress in daily life. Each day you have to face some tension and stressful moment while travelling, at home or at work. But, make sure you manage your stress if not eliminate it totally. Shopping, watching movies, partying can make you social and happy for a while, but these are just temporary ways and the effects may not last long. Instead look for some healthy means such as Aromatherapy massage at a reputed and professional spa to reduce your mental tension.

Try Aromatherapy Massage and get rid of work stress

7. Become Mindful Of Your Surroundings

Did you know you actually have to be become anti-social to be social in media? People who are always glued to phone find pleasure in becoming “someone else” on the social media and lose the interest and confidence to interact in person. To avoid this restrict yourself from using phone and being online when you are sitting among people. Encourage yourself to start a real conversation with people.