Call For A Pleasant Sleep Tonight


Sacrificing your sleep for some urgent task once in a while is acceptable. But making it a routine would fetch you ill-health and unwanted stress. Not getting adequate sleep leaves you crabby and aggravated till the time your sleep regimen balances. People who work in shifts tend to face such issues because how much ever you sleep during day time, it cannot be equalized to the quality of night sleep. Setting an early to bed schedule is difficult but you can set some simple rules for yourself regarding how to sleep better.

Set Alarm to Remind It’s Time to Sleep

Every day set an alarm to alert you that you should go off to bed. This will help you remind yourself everyday that you need to complete your chores and get the lights off on time.

Gadgets Prohibited Area

Try and switch off all the electronic devices an hour before your sleep time. If an hour sounds difficult start with half an hour. Your phones, laptops, TV and all other fancy devices should be shut so that you can call for better sleep.

No Work Once Home

Make sure you leave your work and work moods in office. Reply to the emails and messages the next day when you head to your work place. Getting your office work at home should be avoided as much as possible. It would help you heighten your productivity as a fresh mind and body works better and faster compared to the one working all day and night long.

Exercise in the Morning

You can wake up early after a satisfactory sleep at night. This helps you get those extra hours in hand to use for your personal grooming and development. Practice some quick to do and easy exercises.

 Some simple tips on how to sleep better as those mentioned above can help you if you practice them regularly. So, are you calling for better sleep tonight?


Sleep…But Not After Lunch!

Have you noticed that your productivity at work declines in the post lunch hours? You find it difficult to concentrate at work, and so decide to take a quick nap at your work station.

Just follow few tricks and overcome your low productivity at work in the post lunch hours.

 Sleeping at desk

Give a Healthy Start to Your Day 

Having a good and filling breakfast is important. Research shows that people who have heavy breakfast are more active and attentive compared to those who avoid it. The low mood and tiredness can be avoided to a great extent by having a healthy and nutritious breakfast.


Avoid Junk Food   

Junk food does nothing apart from increasing drowsiness. Watch everything you eat, making sure you avoid foodstuff like fries, pasta, etc. which increase your insulin level ultimately inducing sleep. Increase your intake of beans, green vegetables like cabbage which takes less time to digest compared to heavy food like pasta.


Avoid Going to Your Work Table Immediately After Lunch

A walk after lunch can really help you breathe in some fresh air and make you active. It also facilitates proper digestion and enhances your concentration and work speed as your mind is refreshed.


Get Proper Sleep at Night

If you do not let your body get enough sleep, no action might work to eliminate your lethargies. You need at least 6 to7 hours of sleep for your mind and body to function properly.


Avoid Having Too Much Coffee

You may think of having coffee to feel fresh but too much of coffee can turn out to be unhealthy. Instead drink water, though people rarely do so. This not only helps you to be active but keeps you away from the problems of dehydration.

 Make your work place interesting by adding some inspirational quotes on the pin board that always release your stress while working. So, adapt these simple habits and be fresh at your workplace. 

Four Healthy Gift Ideas for a Healthy Life

We all love surprises. But, when it comes to choosing a gift for a health conscious partner, you need to be very cautious. How will you please your health enthusiast?  Here are some great healthy gift ideas that will surely make your partner happy.


Chocolates Always Work

Chocolate contains some phenolic compounds, which are thought to have several health benefits. Earlier, chocolate had a bad reputation of promoting weight gain. However, people have now started realizing the health benefits of chocolate that includes lowering cholesterol levels, preventing cognitive decline, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Couple’s Day Out At a Spa

Enjoying a massage has several health benefits. Gift your partner a spa gift voucher. Even better, visit a day spa that offers couples massage or other therapies for relaxation, de-stressing and beauty. This can be all the more blissful when both you and your partner are working individuals. It can act like a perfect healthy and rejuvenating break from your boring and cramped schedule.

Be the Chef for the Day

Be the kitchen king and give your wife a break from her kitchen schedule. Make some of her favorite delicacies and enjoy them over a nicely decorated dining table with dimly lit and enchanting ambiance. She might love your efforts and feel extremely special and pleased. You can take extra efforts to include some fresh fruits and vegetables as these are loaded with essential nutrients. If your partner is a seafood lover, it’s going to be even better. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that are associated with improvement of mental health.

 A Bottle of Wine

Wine has been portrayed as a “health drink” by some vineyard owners. Some studies reveal that wine consumption can lower cholesterol, increase human lifespan, protect against certain cancers, and improve mental health.

Gifts are just a gesture to show your love and affection for others. Sometimes, it’s not important to how much money you spend on gifts, even a small token of appreciation can speak volumes. It’s all about feelings and love! But remember to keep it healthy.

 Looking for a last minute gift for your loved one? Buy a Spa Gift Voucher right now and schedule when you want it e-mailed. 

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Music


The most beautiful things in the world can’t be seen by our eyes, they can just be felt by our heart. And, music has the power to help us feel many beautiful things in the world.

Music can improve mood, reduce stress, stimulate positive interactions, and calm you down. Listening to relaxing and soothing music while doing work might actually help you to perform better. Have you ever noticed that listening to your favorite music can instantly change your mood and lift your spirits? Research suggests that music can be regarded as therapy and can have its effects beyond just improving our mood. Following are some of the health benefits that music is associated with.


Reduces Suffering Due to Pain

stress free

Music is believed to reduce the intensity of pain. Research suggests that music can have beneficial effects on anxiety, pain, mood, and quality of life in people with cancer. 


Improves Attention and Memory


Recent research reveals that music is closely associated with secretion of hormones estrogen and testosterone that protect the nerve cells in brain. This is the reason people suffering from memory problems benefit from music therapy. 


Promotes Better Sleep

Sleep Well

We all have experienced this benefit of music sometime in our life. In fact research suggests that listening to music while you sleep could improve your memory. 


Promotes Mindful Eating

Enjoying Meal

Research suggests that listening to pleasant and soft music during a meal can help people enjoy their meal and ultimately consume less food in one sitting.

Music has its own magic that plays effective role in improving mood and uplifting it. Therefore, music therapy seems like a great way to have a healthy life. So, which song are you tuning in to right now? 

Try relaxing Aromatherapy Massage listening to a soothing music in the background.