6 Exciting Ways to De-Stress

stress free

Taking some time out for yourself from your hectic and eventful schedule can be a challenge at times. You may want to spend some peaceful time away from all the commotion and hassle to get back refreshed and re-energized. Given below are some tips that can help you to get over the strain.


 1. Be a Kid Again At An Amusement Park


Who would not want to be a kid and live the stress-free childhood all over again? What other place can be as good as a theme park or an amusement park for a happy and joyful ride. A roller coaster ride can act as a startling and breathtaking experience to empty your head of all the worries and tensions. If you lack a complete day, then just step into a nearby park or garden to take in some fresh breeze and enjoy the serenity around you.


 2. Try a Massage at a Day Spa


There’s nothing more de-stressing than a professional body massage. With soft and calming music being played in the surrounding, the peaceful ambience helps you relax at all levels. A spa massage gives you important health benefits such as pain relief, anxiety relief and better sleep.


 3. Be a Shopaholic

shopping bag

If you are a woman, you will find this option the most exciting. Go for window shopping. Explore unseen malls, indulge in some roadside shopping and have a fun filled evening with your buddies or partners.


 4. Catch Up on Some Comedy


Go for a laugh-out-loud movie with your girl/guy gang. Sharing some hearty laughter with your best friends will surely help you keep stress away.


 5. Go for a Weekend Outing

Weekend Outing

If you are lucky enough to have a long weekend off from work, do not miss this opportunity to enjoy it with friends/family. Plan a trip to a picnic spot in close proximity. Getting away from the city’s hustle-bustle is something that might prove to be immensely tranquil and fun-filled.


 6. Take a Walk by the Beach

stress free

Decide to spend an evening on a beach. You may choose to be alone with some soothing music or find someone for a company.

We have listed down some novel ways to relax. What do you usually do to de-stress?

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Understanding Emotional Eating

sugary food

Frustrations, enthusiasm, rage, anxiety all keep bouncing within us in various situations. And all these expressions and sentiments have a direct impact on our eating habits. Some people tend to overeat when happy while other do so when sad.  Many times we do not eat to satisfy our hunger, but we turn to food for stress-relief. 

Research suggests that people, who choose to eat food to release their stress, tend to make unhealthy food choices, which deteriorates their diet and causes obesity.

According to some scientists a stressful situation can trigger a drive to eat food. In such situation many people prefer to feast on high-calorie sugary and fatty food items. There is not enough research done yet to clearly understand the mechanism that links stress and food intake. However, the available evidence suggests that when we are under stress, there is an increase in the activity of hormone, known as “cortisol,” which further increases the consumption of glucose (sugar) by the brain. This may lead to intake of large amounts of sugary food during stressful situations.  

Some experts believe that consumption of sugar and fat can produce similar effects as opiates in the brain which makes you feel happy and forget all the tensions. Therefore, for some people, food becomes an inexpensive way to achieve relief from stress. Thus, people end up eating large quantities of sugary and fatty food to get short term relief from discomfort.

Unfortunately eating cannot solve problems and give only temporary relief from stress. In fact, it makes you feel guilty about your bad eating habits. You must consider some healthy ways of de-stressing such as exercise, meditation, or other relaxation techniques. Massage therapy is another great way to overcome mental and physical stress. You may opt for an Aromatherapy Massage, which is known to improve mood and calm your mind.