Top 3 Reasons Of Stress Revealed in a New Global Study

Top 3 Reasons Of Stress Revealed in a New Global Study


Financial problem, legal issue, work-stress, examination or an illness, what is making you stressed? Everyone has a different reason to be stressed. And, if at all you are wondering if there is someone just like you who is stressed out for the same reasons. Take a look at this latest statistics from worldwide study which reveals that money, self-pressure and lack of sleep are the Top 3 causes of stress across the world. The study involved nearly 27,000 consumers from all over the world who took an online survey and reported the reason for their stress. Here is the statistics, Top 3 reasons of stress worldwide.

1. Money

Reported by 29 % people

2. Self-Pressure

Reported by 27 % people

3. Sleep Deprivation

Reported by 23% people

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