Did You Skip Breakfast Today?

“Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dine Like a Pauper” Read this somewhere, right? 

 Healthy breakfast

This simple quote is a great way to understand a healthy eating pattern. Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? 

Morning meetings, an early morning class, struggle to skip the traffic, not feeling hungry in the morning, and many more! Most of us can instantly come up with the excuses for not having breakfast before we start our day at work. But the fact is that having breakfast in the morning is one of the best ways to feel energetic.

Why Should You Never Miss Breakfast?

There are numerous reasons why you should never miss breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is one of the best ways to feel energetic. As you consume food in the morning, it increases your metabolic rate. This way it becomes a lot simpler for the body to burn those extra calories. In case you miss your breakfast, the body doesn’t process your next meal quickly and tries to hold on to the nutrients. So if you’re trying to lose weight, the most essential tip for you is to have a healthy breakfast every morning.

Research suggests that skipping your morning meal can keep you less motivated and irritated throughout the day as you start your work with an empty stomach. Furthermore, research has also proven that people who do not have breakfast in the morning tend to lack concentration and are less attentive. Skipping breakfast can cause decrease in the levels of serotonin, which results in mood swings, can affect sleep, hunger and several other factors related your health.

Break All Your Myths!

Many people believe in a common myth that skipping breakfast may help to lose weight! However, this is not true. Studies prove that if you skip breakfast, you end up eating more during the latter part of the day that can result in weight gain.

So now if you are convinced about the importance of breakfast, you must consume healthy meals for your breakfast.  Try to avoid food items like doughnuts, pastries, fast food items or foods with excess cheese etc., which may be filling but may harm the body. So start your day with a healthy breakfast and be a breakfast believer!

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4 Reasons You Should Start Consuming Green Tea

Are you someone who decently denies an offering for a cup of hot tea? And what about “green tea”?

Green Tea

If you still answer “No”, you are missing out one of the healthiest ingredients that provide immense health benefits. Being full of taste, warmth and energy, a cup or two everyday offers you lots of benefits. Here’s a list of some amazing benefits of green tea. 


Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

Blood Sugar

Green tea helps the body use insulin properly and thus improves the blood glucose levels in people having type 2 diabetes. It has not been found to be associated with any serious side effects. 


Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Heart Health

Green tea contains polyphenols, which are believed to inhibit the absorption of cholesterol. In addition, green tea contains antioxidants, which can reduce the risk of fat deposition inside your arteries. Some experts suggest that daily consumption of about 5 to 6 cups of green tea can reduce blood pressure, and levels of total and bad cholesterol.


Helps in Weight Reduction

weight reduction

Green tea is thought to increase the body’s metabolism. Although green tea alone cannot help you to reduce body weight, it can surely assist in the process by reducing appetite and boosting metabolism.


 May Help Prevent Cancer


Some studies report that consumption of green tea may prevent you from several types of cancers. A recent study revealed that, green tea contains a chemical “epigallocatechin gallate” that may reduce the risk of pancreatic and prostate cancer. 

Green tea may not totally replace your medications if you are already suffering from any of the diseases mentioned above. But, no health enthusiast can afford to ignore the health benefits of green tea.



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Green Tea Scrub

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