Benefits of Thai Massage


Increased work pressure, crowded places, traffic jams, and long commute to work! When the day ends, our mind and body feels tired and start looking for a way to relax.

Thai Massage is a popular type of dry massage therapy for fatigue that helps your body to relax by means of exercising in various postures and arrangements. It is believed that Thai Massage was developed more than 2500 years ago by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a physician who had tremendous knowledge of herbal medicine.

Experienced spa therapists perform Thai Massage using their hands, legs, feet and knees to make you move into a variety of yoga-type stretches and work-outs. You are made to lie down on a floor or massage bed, which allows the therapist to conduct the exercise smoothly. The Thai Massage is a dry massage therapy and does not use any oils or lotion. Instead it is performed using deep compressing, rhythmic pressing, and stretching actions.

 The benefits of Thai Massage 

  • Improves regional blood circulation
  • Reduces pain and physical fatigue
  • Releases muscular tension
  • Releases mental and emotional stress
  • Helps improve the concentration

Thai Massage is highly beneficial in a number of ways; just do not hesitate to open up and make the therapists aware of your comfort and preferred pressure.

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Did You Skip Breakfast Today?

“Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dine Like a Pauper” Read this somewhere, right? 

 Healthy breakfast

This simple quote is a great way to understand a healthy eating pattern. Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? 

Morning meetings, an early morning class, struggle to skip the traffic, not feeling hungry in the morning, and many more! Most of us can instantly come up with the excuses for not having breakfast before we start our day at work. But the fact is that having breakfast in the morning is one of the best ways to feel energetic.

Why Should You Never Miss Breakfast?

There are numerous reasons why you should never miss breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is one of the best ways to feel energetic. As you consume food in the morning, it increases your metabolic rate. This way it becomes a lot simpler for the body to burn those extra calories. In case you miss your breakfast, the body doesn’t process your next meal quickly and tries to hold on to the nutrients. So if you’re trying to lose weight, the most essential tip for you is to have a healthy breakfast every morning.

Research suggests that skipping your morning meal can keep you less motivated and irritated throughout the day as you start your work with an empty stomach. Furthermore, research has also proven that people who do not have breakfast in the morning tend to lack concentration and are less attentive. Skipping breakfast can cause decrease in the levels of serotonin, which results in mood swings, can affect sleep, hunger and several other factors related your health.

Break All Your Myths!

Many people believe in a common myth that skipping breakfast may help to lose weight! However, this is not true. Studies prove that if you skip breakfast, you end up eating more during the latter part of the day that can result in weight gain.

So now if you are convinced about the importance of breakfast, you must consume healthy meals for your breakfast.  Try to avoid food items like doughnuts, pastries, fast food items or foods with excess cheese etc., which may be filling but may harm the body. So start your day with a healthy breakfast and be a breakfast believer!

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4 Reasons You Should Start Consuming Green Tea

Are you someone who decently denies an offering for a cup of hot tea? And what about “green tea”?

Green Tea

If you still answer “No”, you are missing out one of the healthiest ingredients that provide immense health benefits. Being full of taste, warmth and energy, a cup or two everyday offers you lots of benefits. Here’s a list of some amazing benefits of green tea. 


Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

Blood Sugar

Green tea helps the body use insulin properly and thus improves the blood glucose levels in people having type 2 diabetes. It has not been found to be associated with any serious side effects. 


Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Heart Health

Green tea contains polyphenols, which are believed to inhibit the absorption of cholesterol. In addition, green tea contains antioxidants, which can reduce the risk of fat deposition inside your arteries. Some experts suggest that daily consumption of about 5 to 6 cups of green tea can reduce blood pressure, and levels of total and bad cholesterol.


Helps in Weight Reduction

weight reduction

Green tea is thought to increase the body’s metabolism. Although green tea alone cannot help you to reduce body weight, it can surely assist in the process by reducing appetite and boosting metabolism.


 May Help Prevent Cancer


Some studies report that consumption of green tea may prevent you from several types of cancers. A recent study revealed that, green tea contains a chemical “epigallocatechin gallate” that may reduce the risk of pancreatic and prostate cancer. 

Green tea may not totally replace your medications if you are already suffering from any of the diseases mentioned above. But, no health enthusiast can afford to ignore the health benefits of green tea.



Try Green Tea Scrubassage : Our Signature Therapy

Green Tea Scrub

At Four Fountains De-stress Spa, we use green tea leaves as the primary ingredient to make our signature therapy – Green Tea & Spice Scrubassage—a combination of a scrub and a massage.  The cream which includes green tea grains is massaged on to the body to enhance blood circulation and to exfoliate the dead skin cells. The anti-oxidants present in green-tea prevent potential skin damage from free radicals. We are proud to be the best spa in Mumbai to offer this one-of-a-kind Scrubassage which also helps in reducing aches and pains.

Consider allotting one hour of your busy schedule  to drop in at Four Fountains De-stress Spa—to sip a cup of green tea and experience the benefits of Signature Green Tea Scrubassage. It is our passion to offer you the best massage in Mumbai.

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Understanding Emotional Eating

sugary food

Frustrations, enthusiasm, rage, anxiety all keep bouncing within us in various situations. And all these expressions and sentiments have a direct impact on our eating habits. Some people tend to overeat when happy while other do so when sad.  Many times we do not eat to satisfy our hunger, but we turn to food for stress-relief. 

Research suggests that people, who choose to eat food to release their stress, tend to make unhealthy food choices, which deteriorates their diet and causes obesity.

According to some scientists a stressful situation can trigger a drive to eat food. In such situation many people prefer to feast on high-calorie sugary and fatty food items. There is not enough research done yet to clearly understand the mechanism that links stress and food intake. However, the available evidence suggests that when we are under stress, there is an increase in the activity of hormone, known as “cortisol,” which further increases the consumption of glucose (sugar) by the brain. This may lead to intake of large amounts of sugary food during stressful situations.  

Some experts believe that consumption of sugar and fat can produce similar effects as opiates in the brain which makes you feel happy and forget all the tensions. Therefore, for some people, food becomes an inexpensive way to achieve relief from stress. Thus, people end up eating large quantities of sugary and fatty food to get short term relief from discomfort.

Unfortunately eating cannot solve problems and give only temporary relief from stress. In fact, it makes you feel guilty about your bad eating habits. You must consider some healthy ways of de-stressing such as exercise, meditation, or other relaxation techniques. Massage therapy is another great way to overcome mental and physical stress. You may opt for an Aromatherapy Massage, which is known to improve mood and calm your mind.


Sleep…But Not After Lunch!

Have you noticed that your productivity at work declines in the post lunch hours? You find it difficult to concentrate at work, and so decide to take a quick nap at your work station.

Just follow few tricks and overcome your low productivity at work in the post lunch hours.

 Sleeping at desk

Give a Healthy Start to Your Day 

Having a good and filling breakfast is important. Research shows that people who have heavy breakfast are more active and attentive compared to those who avoid it. The low mood and tiredness can be avoided to a great extent by having a healthy and nutritious breakfast.


Avoid Junk Food   

Junk food does nothing apart from increasing drowsiness. Watch everything you eat, making sure you avoid foodstuff like fries, pasta, etc. which increase your insulin level ultimately inducing sleep. Increase your intake of beans, green vegetables like cabbage which takes less time to digest compared to heavy food like pasta.


Avoid Going to Your Work Table Immediately After Lunch

A walk after lunch can really help you breathe in some fresh air and make you active. It also facilitates proper digestion and enhances your concentration and work speed as your mind is refreshed.


Get Proper Sleep at Night

If you do not let your body get enough sleep, no action might work to eliminate your lethargies. You need at least 6 to7 hours of sleep for your mind and body to function properly.


Avoid Having Too Much Coffee

You may think of having coffee to feel fresh but too much of coffee can turn out to be unhealthy. Instead drink water, though people rarely do so. This not only helps you to be active but keeps you away from the problems of dehydration.

 Make your work place interesting by adding some inspirational quotes on the pin board that always release your stress while working. So, adapt these simple habits and be fresh at your workplace. 

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Music


The most beautiful things in the world can’t be seen by our eyes, they can just be felt by our heart. And, music has the power to help us feel many beautiful things in the world.

Music can improve mood, reduce stress, stimulate positive interactions, and calm you down. Listening to relaxing and soothing music while doing work might actually help you to perform better. Have you ever noticed that listening to your favorite music can instantly change your mood and lift your spirits? Research suggests that music can be regarded as therapy and can have its effects beyond just improving our mood. Following are some of the health benefits that music is associated with.


Reduces Suffering Due to Pain

stress free

Music is believed to reduce the intensity of pain. Research suggests that music can have beneficial effects on anxiety, pain, mood, and quality of life in people with cancer. 


Improves Attention and Memory


Recent research reveals that music is closely associated with secretion of hormones estrogen and testosterone that protect the nerve cells in brain. This is the reason people suffering from memory problems benefit from music therapy. 


Promotes Better Sleep

Sleep Well

We all have experienced this benefit of music sometime in our life. In fact research suggests that listening to music while you sleep could improve your memory. 


Promotes Mindful Eating

Enjoying Meal

Research suggests that listening to pleasant and soft music during a meal can help people enjoy their meal and ultimately consume less food in one sitting.

Music has its own magic that plays effective role in improving mood and uplifting it. Therefore, music therapy seems like a great way to have a healthy life. So, which song are you tuning in to right now? 

Try relaxing Aromatherapy Massage listening to a soothing music in the background.

6 Natural Remedies for Wrinkles


Do you believe in the fairy tales that talk of transformation of an old woman into a young princess?

Ageing is inevitable; nothing can stop the natural phenomenon of getting old. However, you can take some preventive measures to stop the damage caused to skin due to ageing.

As we age, the skin starts to get thinner, brittle and loses its elasticity. Ageing causes some changes in the anatomy of the inner layers of skin that result in wrinkles, which is the most distinct sign of ageing. Many people go under knife, lasers, or chemical peels, to get rid of skin wrinkles. However, these are expensive therapies and only lessen the appearance. Here is a list of six inexpensive and natural remedies for wrinkles.


Egg White

egg white

Egg white contains proteins that help in tissue repair and growth. It also acts as a good agent for solving skin issues like blackheads, acne and pimples. A facial massage with egg white done for 15-20 minutes can give you a healthy and younger looking skin.


Fruits and Vegetables 


Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for eliminating toxins and lifting up the quality of your skin. Ageing skin shows reduced levels of vitamin C therefore consuming fruits that are rich in vitamin C can be helpful.


Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is believed to be vigorous and a great boon to your skin. A placid massage of olive oil on your face before going to bed can give you soft and supple skin.


Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Massage with lemon juice is a great remedy to reduce wrinkles. Being citric in nature, it helps in reduction of wrinkles and other signs of ageing to a certain extent.



sun protect

Sun exposure is considered to be the most common cause of damage caused to skin. Regular use of sunscreen can protect you from the harmful effects of UV rays that speed up the aging process.


Facial Massage


Massage relaxes the facial muscles and increases the blood circulation. Massaging the face using oil is believed to increase the collagen production that is reduced as we age. This repairs the skin damage and helps the skin to regain its elasticity. Try a Facial Massage at a reputed spa, if you are looking for a professional treatment. Sometimes, a soothing massage is all what it takes to feel good and young.

Remember, to look young it is very important to feel youthful. And you can only feel youthful when you deliberately plan to be so. 

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3 Reasons Why Skipping Meals is Bad For Your Health

skipping meals


We all have heard the friendly suggestion that skipping a meal or two in a day will help you lose weight fast. Well, it’s time to debunk this myth. Scientists report that people who tend to skip meals in order to reduce weight put themselves at risk of gaining more weight. This may happen as skipping meals can eventually make you crave fatty and sugary foods.

Our body needs a certain fixed amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients to allow smooth functioning of the bodily functions. Deficiency of important nutrients may make you susceptible to sickness and weakness making your body prone to diseases. So, think before you go on a crash diet and avoid food completely. It could actually do more harm to your health than any good. Following are some of the health risks associated with skipping meals. 


 You May End Up Eating More Food

Fatty Food

When you avoid eating your regular healthy meals, your hunger doubles and makes you eat more food. Researchers report that people who avoid eating breakfast tend to get tempted to eat high calorie foods for their lunch and thus eat much more calories than they actually need.


Increases Risk of Diabetes

Blood Sugar

Some studies reveal that the meal skippers show elevated fasting glucose levels and a delayed insulin response, which increases the risk of diabetes.


Makes You Nutrient Deficient


Skipping meals also reduces  your chances of consuming adequate amounts of essential nutrients. Dietary components such as carbohydrates, vitamins,  proteins and fats are  vital to many body processes such as growth and development, disease prevention and overall well-being. Skipping meals to reduce weight, can thus actually cause deficiency of these essential nutrients. 

Overeating may surely make you gain weight but eating too less food is equally bad for your health. If you want to learn how to lose weight scientifically you must consult a professional dietitian who can help with a healthy diet plan that does not harm your metabolism.

 Have a diet related question? Ask our Spa Doctor 


6 Secrets to a Stress-Free Life


Modern lifestyle keeps us so busy with its challenges that many of us hardly find our own private time. Long working hours, increasing social demands, frequent travels, and endless list of to-dos keeps our mind under constant pressure.  So what should you do to achieve a stress-free life and find inner peace and satisfaction amidst your busy schedule? You don’t need to bring in any drastic changes. Improving a few habits and giving a healthy and positive tint to the events in your life can help you get a peace of mind that you have been looking for. Here are few habits you can adapt to see some change in your life.


Be Someone’s Helping Hand


Doing a good act towards someone might help you achieve a sense of inner peace and you may surely feel more human. The deed may not involve too much of your money or time. Just a small gesture of humanity like giving food to the needy will make a lot of difference to your self -satisfaction.


Call for Juices


Sitting at the office desk and staring at a laptop screen makes caffeine absolutely necessary. However, having too much of coffee is an unhealthy way to reduce stress at work. Every time you feel like sipping a cup of coffee or tea, substitute it with a glass of fresh fruit juice.


Be Environment Friendly


Try to use environment friendly products and do your bit to inspire others to do the same. Stopping your friends, family from dumping waste on the road or planting a tree every year costs you nothing but makes you a responsible citizen as well as individual in life.


Reserve Some Time for Yourself

stress free

In the race to fulfill your dreams, to spend time with your family or friends, you tend to forget that you need to be there for yourself as well. Spending some peaceful moments with yourself and few minutes of introspection is all you require. You can consider practicing meditation or other relaxation techniques.


Consider Going for Aromatherapy Massage


Schedule an appointment at a good spa for a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage. The massage will not only help you relieve minor aches and pains, but will also calm your mind and improve your mood. 


Holidays Without Technology

blue light

Spend your weekends without your cell phones, laptops and iPods. Take a break and keep all the gadgets at home if you are out spending those quality moments with your family or friends.


There is a lot more you can do as per your convenience and flexibility to bring some healthy changes in your life. Following these tips for a stress-free life will help you live an upgraded life and make you grow as a person. 

5 Ways to De-stress Yourself This Monsoon!


Monsoons are here and many of you have already started loving the pleasant weather. This lovely weather actually gives you a great opportunity to shed all your tensions and start fresh. There is so much you can do to de-stress yourself this monsoon. Here we help you with some of the activities you may want to try to get rid of stresses and tensions in life. 

Enjoy the First Rain Shower

This works for almost everyone! Try to live your childhood moments once again. The touch of first rain showers will surely bring smile on your face. However, make sure you don’t get too drenched in the rains to fall sick the next day. You may take a quick hot shower and get into clean clothes. Sipping some hot green tea can do wonders for your body.

A Weekend Outing

An outing with family or friends is a great way to enjoy the monsoon weekend. You may look for some destination in the midst of natural surroundings that allows you to enjoy the lovely weather.

Coffee Date

Who would not love a cup of hot coffee? Plan a coffee date with your friends, family or your partner either at a coffee shop or plan to make some yourself at home.

Go on Long Drive

For those who enjoy driving and love their car, this is one of the most fun filled and heavenly experiences. Long drives on lonely or less crowded roads can give you the feeling of freedom and bliss.

Consider Going for a Relaxing Spa

Taking massage is always very soothing. Spa therapy is a great way to relax the mind and body that is tired due to everyday’s busy and stressful life.

One of the most important precautions to be taken during monsoon is maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Try to avoid outside food although that may be tempting at times.  Monsoon can be great fun provided you make some healthy changes in your lifestyle. 

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