How to Beat Ageing the Healthy Way


Do the increasing number of candles on your cake and the signs of aging on your face take away your peace of mind? Aging is indeed an inevitable natural process, but you can pull the brakes and slow it down by following an active lifestyle. You can do this by indulging in healthy activities like regular physical activity, travelling, trekking, learning a new skill, sticking to healthy diet plan, and taking time out for a healthy spa retreat.

You can reverse the signs of ageing with anti-ageing therapies at reputed health spas in India. There is a steady rise in the number of spas in Mumbai that offer anti-ageing therapies. These therapies are usually popular among those who want to get rid of the early signs of ageing like wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. We recommend that you start these therapies early as part of a healthy lifestyle so that you may age slowly and gracefully.

Try the Age-Defying Facial at the Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, the best spa in Mumbai and reclaim the youthful glow on your face. This facial uses step-by-step procedures to exfoliate the skin on your face and bring back its natural glow. The facial involves a number of steps like cleansing, toning, massaging, scrubbing, steaming, applying mask and finally moisturising. The ingredients like Patchouli, Rosewood and Lemongrass in Avocado, Wheat germ and Jojoba oil effectively soothe your skin and bring the glow to your face.


8 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Visit a Spa


Increased work pressure, long working hours, frequent travel, and a never-ending checklist of things to do are an integral part of modern life. All these are nothing but the stressors that may eventually show physical effects such as body pain, anxiety, fatigue or disturbed sleep. Although we are well aware of the things that make our life stressful, it’s almost impossible to avoid most of the stressors.

So, how do you manage the stress in your life? If you are searching for a stress management solution that can give you some long-term benefits, you should consider going for a spa therapy. Here we have listed down eight reasons why you must visit a spa.


Reason # 1

Spa therapies offer various physical and mental health benefits. For instance, an Aromatherapy Massage can help you have a calm mind and improve your mood whereas Ayurvedic Massage can help you boost your immunity.


Reason # 2

Spa therapies such as Swedish Massage, Foot Reflexology and Thai Massage are extremely beneficial in relieving body soreness, pain and physical tiredness.


Reason # 3

Spa therapies provide a means to detoxify your body with specialized treatments like body wraps that remove toxins from the body.


Reason # 4

The beauty treatments offered at the spa are mainly indicated towards managing the damage caused to the skin due to aging as well as getting a natural glow on your skin.  Natural and effective treatments like Anti-ageing Facials, Body Polishes using some natural ingredients are specially designed to target the skin problems.


Reason # 5

The main objective of most of the massage techniques offered at a spa is to improve your blood circulation. Improved blood circulation increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients reaching the body’s cells.


Reason # 6

For those who go through a lot of physical strain like professional athletes, spa therapy can ease cramps and muscle tensions as trained therapists perform deep tissue massages.


Reason # 7

Spa therapies such as body polishes exfoliate your skin and remove the dead cells. This helps you to have a soft and glowing skin.


Reason # 8

A visit to the spa also improves your creativity as you spend some ‘me’ time, away from work pressures, phone calls, responsibilities, tensions and conversations, and give your mind and body a much needed break, only to bounce back refreshed.


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