Superguide for Finding the Right Essential Oil for Your Skin

Essential oil is an important constituent that gives a characteristic fragrance to the plant and its parts. It can be extracted from any part of the plant including its flowers, leaves, stem or even roots. Apart from imparting flavour or smell, most of the essential oils are of substantial therapeutic value.  When you inhale essential oils, it stimulates the olfactory nerves present in your nose, which in turn stimulate specific center of the brain that regulate emotion, memory and sleep. Essential oils find a very valuable place in skin care. These aromatic oils are known to improve complexion in terms of colour texture and appearance.  All the essential oils may not have a pleasant or sweet aroma, in fact some are very potent and may have unpleasant odour too. Such essential oils can be used with other carrier oils that have better aroma.  This info graphic is your super guide to know which essential oil is right for your skin type and condition.


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