Learning Stress Management from The People On Top – #2 CEO, Urban Ladder

Top 3 Stress Related Questions Answered by Successful Professionals In India!

It is not possible to avoid most of the stressful situations. This is especially true at our work places. So, the best way to our benefit is to learn how to deal with it. And, it is more important to deal with it through some healthy ways. So, hear it from the successful professionals who are on top position in some of the leading corporates in India.


Ashish Goel

CEO & Co-Founder, Urban Ladder (www.urbanladder.com)


Ashish co-founded Urban Ladder with Rajiv Srivatsa in July 2012 with the aim of making it India’s leading online furniture and home décor destination. Today, Urban Ladder is a preferred choice for shoppers looking for reliable furniture with great aesthetics.


1.How Stressful is Your Job And Work Life?

Energy level in a start-up is infectious. Therefore, it becomes very important to maintain and spread that same energy in the organisation. When you love what you do, irrespective of how busy or tiring a day you have, your energy levels automatically go up giving you the drive to keep going! It’s important to channel stress to high energy.

2. How Do You De-Stress Yourself?

One of our core values is ‘Fun as a way of life’. This does not only reflect in the way we de-stress during breaks but in every conversation. However intense a conversation is in our office, humour is always welcomed and appreciated. I also try to catch a football game in office whenever I can.

"Outside of work, I ensure I catch a game of squash or go running every morning."

3.  Any suggestions for younger working professionals to manage work-stress?
Your attitude towards stress makes all the difference. Either stress can bring you down or motivate you to do better. It is important to look at the long term picture and not get stressed with short term challenges and roadblocks.


My Fitness Mantra

  • I try to eat home-made food as much as possible
  • I also catch a game of squash or go running every morning