Pre Paid Regime Plan

Spa Membership Plans

Our Pre-Paid Memberships make our already affordable spa therapies even more affordable.

Benefits Wellness Gold Membership Wellness Diamond Membership


50% (only Mon-Fri) 50% all days and times

Weekday Discounts

No No

Can be used by

Any family member Any family member

Can be used at

Any location Any location


12 months 12 months

Buy Now

Buy Now

*Click here for a list of Bank Holidays on which this membership is not valid
*Weekday discount will be first deducted from the price of the therapy before membership discount is applied on the discounted price
*Any add-on discounts / benefits other than those mentioned above will be applicable only at the spa at which the membership has been purchased / renewed
*This membership cannot be used to avail home spa services

*Manual membership cards won't be acceptable at all.


How It Works

A pre-paid membership at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is like a pre-paid account that you open with the spa. You open this account by making an up-front payment. After making the up-front payment you receive a Membership Card that reflects the opening balance in your account.

Once you receive your Membership Card, each time you take a therapy at any of our spas you don't need to pay anything further. All further transactions are cashless till your membership is valid. You get a discount on the price of the therapy. The discount varies as per the membership plan chosen by you.

The price of the therapy after the discount is reduced from the opening balance on your Pre-Paid Membership Card and the new balance is reflected on your card.

You can continue enjoying the benefits of your Pre-Paid Membership till your account balance becomes nil, after which you may renew your Pre-Paid Membership by recharging your account once more. The entire balance on your Pre-Paid Membership Card has to be utilized within the assigned validity period.

With our Pre-Paid Membership you enjoy the following benefits

  • Freedom to let your family use your card*
  • Attractive membership discounts that make our affordable spa therapies even more affordable
  • Additional weekday discounts on select membership plans*
  • Cashless transactions at the spa every time you visit
  • Flexibility of choosing any therapy
  • Freedom to use at any of our spas across India*
  • Long validity so you can consume your entire pre-paid balance

*Physical card or OTP required
*Wellness Gold and Wellness Silver
*Please click here for the latest list of locations

  1. You are required to carry your Membership Card to the spa at the time of your appointment.
  2. Your Prepaid Membership Card can be used by any member of your family. However, to secure your membership balance, One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number is necessary for every transaction / redemption on your pre-paid membership. Please share the OTP with your family to help them use your Card.
  3. Your Prepaid Membership Card is valid at all locations of Four Fountains De-Stress Spa across India. Please visit for the latest list of locations. However, therapy prices charged to you would be as applicable at the location where the therapy is being availed.
  4. Your Prepaid Membership Card is valid for a period of ----- months or till your account balance becomes nil, whichever is earlier. The balance may be carried forward by renewing the Prepaid Membership Card before it expires (please see point 15 below). In case of non-renewal the balance in your account will be forfeited on expiry.
  5. Your Prepaid Membership Card is non-refundable.
  6. Reselling of your Pre-Paid Membership or its associated discounts is not permitted.
  7. In the event of insufficient balance in your account the discount would be applicable only on the available balance.
  8. Prices of therapies and memberships are subject to change without prior intimation. Please click here for the latest location-wise prices.
  9. Gift vouchers and retail products cannot be purchased using your Prepaid Membership Card. Further, this card can only be used at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa and not at any other brand of the company.
  10. Membership discount can not be clubbed with any other discount or offer.
  11. Appointments are subject to availability of therapists and rooms and are provided on a first-come first-served basis; since availability status changes frequently based on cancellations or additional bookings, management reserves the right to provide your preferred slot or suggest an alternative slot based on your next best preference.
  12. Repeated cancellation of booked appointments (more than thrice in a month) may require us to charge a cancellation fee to your account.
  13. Weekday discounts are not applicable if the weekday also happens to be a Bank Holiday. The list of applicable Bank Holidays will be as per the city in which you wish to redeem your membership. Please click here to see the list of Bank Holidays by city.
  14. Further, In case a Bank Holiday falls on a weekday: a. Wellness Happy Hours Pre-Paid Membership is not valid.
    b. Wellness Gold Pre-Paid Membership gets 20% discount but no weekday discount.
    c. Wellness Platinum Pre-Paid Membership gets 20% discount.
  15. Renewal of your membership can be done before or after your balance is exhausted or validity period ends; however, to renew your membership, the complete up-front payment required for each plan needs to be made. The validity of the membership is calculated from the date of renewal of the membership
  16. Four Fountains De-Stress Spa provides only same-gender therapies i.e. male therapists for male guests and female therapists for female guests. All other spa rules and regulations also apply. Please see Annexure 2 below.
    Should you need any help at the spa please feel free to talk to our team of Guest Relationship Executives at the front desk. For suggestions, complaints or business proposals you could also write to us at [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you. We look forward to serving you soon at the spa. Thank you, once again, for enrolling as a Prepaid Member.
  17. Any complimentary therapies or bonus offered at the time of renewal will only be applicable at the home branch (Branch from where the membership is purchased).
  18. In case of part payment towards membership purchase, the usage will be restricted to the home branch (i.e. the spa location from where the membership was purchased) only. Also, the membership card will be issued only after the full payment has been received.
  19. Please note: The membership can be frozen for a maximum duration of 1 month for a Happy hour membership and 2 months for other memberships in the event of unavoidable extended travel or medical condition.

Spa Rules & Regulations

Right to Admit & Offer Spa Therapies

We reserve the right to admit guests and offer spa therapies. Spa therapies will be offered only to medically fit persons of age 16 years and above. The decision of the spa team in declaring a guest fit and eligible to take a spa therapy is final and binding. Appointments are subject to availability and hence we recommend booking appointments well in advance.

Therapist Policy

We follow a same-gender therapist policy in some cities and offer cross-gender therapists in others. You are advised to ascertain the policy at the spa of your choice before booking your appointment if you have a clear preference. For our members and repeat guests, while reasonable effort will be made to provide a specific therapist from those available, we offer no assurance of the same. In any case we require our guests to use the disposable underclothes provided for every therapy in order to maintain the highest standards of privacy and hygiene.

Full Disclosure

Guests are required to make full disclosure of their health condition, allergies etc. at the front desk before starting their therapy since some spa therapies may not be recommended in case of contraindications.

Medical Advice

Advice by the Spa Doctor or Guest Health Counsellor should not be construed as a substitute for medical advice by a family physician or specialist. Guests are required to cross-check with their physician or specialist before implementing recommendations relating to exercise, diet and lifestyle changes.


The duration, technique and material used for every therapy is scientifically pre-determined by our technical trainers. It will not be possible to modify or customize them beyond permissible limits.

Spa Menu & Prices

List of spa therapies offered and their prices are subject to change without prior intimation. Guests are required to check with the spa front-desk for the latest menu and prices before selecting their spa therapy.

Late Arrivals & Therapy Duration Extension

In case of late arrival by a guest beyond ten minutes of the scheduled appointment time, we reserve the right to shorten the therapy duration for the same price or offer a completely different therapy of a shorter duration. This is so that the next appointment is not delayed.

Personal Belongings

Responsibility of personal belongings rests solely with our guests and we accept no responsibility for lost or misplaced belongings. While we strongly advise against carrying valuables to the spa, provision for a guest locker has been made in every spa room. Please use the locker and retain the keys with you during the entire duration of your visit.

Inappropriate Behaviour

Our therapists reserve the right to stop any therapy at any point of time in the event of any inappropriate behavior, gestures, innuendos or requests of sexual nature by a guest. Such guests will be blacklisted and no further appointments will be offered to them.

Refunds & Extensions

Pre-paid memberships and gift vouchers cannot be refunded. Their validity cannot be extended either.

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