Overcome Fatigue and Get Re-Energised With a Massage in Delhi


Delhi is one of the busiest cities in India. It hosts a large number of corporate offices as well as call centres. Many young people or even college students prefer working in a call centre as it gives them an opportunity to work part-time. People working in call centres have to work in shifts and are under constant pressure to meet their deadlines. Although it may seem easy to answer a call or provide technical support over phone, call centre workers need to work with a lot of concentration. Sitting at one place and listening to the customers patiently as they talk their anger and frustration out, makes many call centre workers suffer from mental stress. Mental stress along with sleep disturbances that occur due to change in shift, together can lead to extreme exhaustion and fatigue.

Recently a study revealed that people who indulge in mental and physical activity at the same time are at risk of developing fatigue and tiredness. Fatigue is a serious symptom, which if ignored can progress into a health condition called chronic fatigue syndrome. People who suffer from fatigue report constant low energy and stamina, and also tend to be irritated. Since only rest or sleep cannot help, what should you do to overcome fatigue? According to some experts natural therapies such as Thai Massage or Foot Reflexology Massage helps to restore the lost energy balance and reduce the level of stress hormone cortisol. This helps to boost the energy level and get rid of extreme tiredness.

If you have a very stressful job or lifestyle and feel tired all the time, you need to take some action before the symptoms worsen. If you are wondering if professional Thai Massage or Foot Reflexology Massage is available in Delhi? We are here to help you. Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is a professional spa which provides scientifically proven therapies through integrated programmes. The Anti-Fatigue Programme offered at the spa includes therapies such as Energising Aromatherapy Massage, Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology. This is a 12-week programme that also includes lifestyle changes, exercise and diet changes that can help you to live a stress free and healthier life.

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