Our Group Companies

Our Group Companies

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa

India's largest chain of professional health spas! Four Fountains De-Stress Spa provides holistic and therapeutic spa therapies for managing stress induced health problems such as pain, mental anxiety, sleep problems, fatigue, and skin ageing. Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is located at about 30 places in cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune. All therapies are provided in a scientific and holistic manner based on a guest's health needs and lifestyle. Our therapists undergo rigorous training and certification at our in-house spa training academy & are required to go through audits and re-training. Shower enclosures in each therapy room and disposable underclothes provided at the start of each therapy are reassuring signs of the high standards of hygiene and privacy followed at the spa.
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NuAyurveda Clinic

A chain of clinics that provides Ayurvedic solutions for problems that modern medicine is not best equipped to cure. It has Ayurveda clinics in Mumbai and across the country. NuAyurveda Clinic is a specialized chain of Ayurvedic clinics that blends science with tradition by bringing contemporary research to traditional Ayurvedic medicines and treatments.
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myDaily started as a project to formulate perfectly engineered meal replacement shake. The product was developed by a team of scientists under the guidance of Dr. Ezhil Arasan, a research scientists who was instrumental in development of Volini at Dr. Reddy’s laboratories. Mydaily comes in 3 flavors viz. Chocolate, Vanilla, and neutral and provides energy, proteins, carbs, fats, fiber, 12 essential vitamins and 13 important minerals. It has no added preservatives or artificial colours and is completely transfat free. MyDaily is a perfect solution to skipping meal or eating junk food.
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Four Fountains Labs

Four Fountains Labs is part of Four Fountains De-stress Spa that provides various spa therapies for managing stress induced health issues. The products developed by Four Fountains Labs very well compliment the stress management spa therapies offered by Four Fountains De-Stress Spa. These products are formulated and developed by a team lead by Dr. Arasan, a research scientist who has worked with Dr. Reddys Laboratory as the Vice President and was instrumental in launching Volini. All the products are formulated in accordance with The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI and the active ingredients are selected based on their efficacy in treating a specific health condition. Know more about Four Fountains Labs

Power Spa

A company that provides on-location mobile spas for weddings, events, lead generation activities, brand activations and employee wellness initiatives.

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