Note: 1.Weekday Discounts* (10 am to 5 pm, Mon to Fri)

Note: 2.All Prices Excluding of Taxes

MassagesDurationPricePrice After Weekday DiscountsBook Your Appotment
Deep Tissue Massage with Rosemary and Frankincense     60 min27502250Book Now
90 min37503450Book Now
Balinese Massage with Wintergreen, Bayleaf and Clove60 min25002300Book Now
90 min35003200Book Now
Swedish Massage60 min22502050Book Now
90 min32502950Book Now
Swedish Massage with Wintergreen, Bayleaf and Clove60 min27502250Book Now
90 min37503450Book Now
Scrubassage60 min30002800Book Now
90 min42003900Book Now
Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage with Mandarin and Bergamot60 min27502550Book Now
90 min37503450Book Now
Energizing Aromatherapy Massage with Rosemary and Spearmint60 min27502250Book Now
90 min37503450Book Now
Revitalizing Thai Massage60 min20001800Book Now
90 min30002700Book Now
Therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage with Bala Oil60 min22502050Book Now
90 min32502950Book Now
Radiating Aromatherapy Massage with Frankincense, Orange and Lavender60 min27502250Book Now
90 min39003600Book Now
Vinotherapy Massage60 min27502250Book Now
90 min40003700Book Now
Anti-oxidant Massage with Vanilla and Nutmeg60 min24002200Book Now
90 min34003100Book Now
Partial Body MassagesDurationPricePrice After Weekday Discounts
Soothing Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage30 min14001300Book Now
Comforting Back Massage30 min14001300Book Now
Comforting Back Massage with Wintergreen Oil, Bayleaf and Clove30 min16501550Book Now
Comforting Back Massage with Hot Potli45 min20001900Book Now
Refreshing Foot Reflexology30 min14001300Book Now
Shirodhara45 min22002100Book Now
Exfoliation and RejuvenationDurationPricePrice After Weekday Discounts
Charcoal Scrub30 min20001900
Coffee Oil Polish30 min17001600
Neem and Tulsi Polish30 min17001600
Nourishing Body MasquesDurationPricePrice After Weekday Discounts
Charcoal Bodywrap60 min28002600
Firming Bodywrap60 min24002200
Sandalwood Bodywrap60 min24002200
FacialsDurationPricePrice After Weekday Discounts
Therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage with Bala Oil60 min22502050
Demo Content90 min30002700
Demo Content120 min38003400
Lifestyle SojournsDurationPricePrice After Weekday Discounts
Anti-Oxidant Massage with Juniper Berry Cream60 min24002200
Demo Content90 min34003100
Demo Content120 min43003900
Palmarosa & Ylang Ylang Body Polish30 min25002400
Natural Protein Body Wrap60 min35003300
Holistic SojournsDurationPricePrice After Weekday Discounts
Radiance Enhancing Aromatherapy Massage with Jojoba Oil60 min27502550
Demo Content90 min39003600
Demo Content120 min49004500
Coffee & Cane Sugar Body Polish 30 min25002400
Sea-Weed Body Wrap60 min38003600
Lightening Facial60 min29002700
Lightening Facial with Skin Firming Mask70 min34003200
Healing Facial (Acne-prone Skin)60 min29002700
Hydrating Facial (Normal & Dry Skin)60 min25002300
Purifying Facial(Combination and dry skin)60 min25002300
Couple SojournsDurationPricePrice After Weekday Discounts
Vinotherapy Massage60 min30002800
Demo Content90 min42003900
Demo Content120 min53004900
Vinotherapy Body Wrap60 min38003600
Bamboo Lime Scrub30 min25002400
Green Apple & Cinnamon Body Wrap60 min34003200
Age-Defying Facial60 min29002700
Age-Defying Facial with Sea Silt Mask70 min34003200
Add-onsDurationPricePrice After Weekday Discounts
Ladies Sojourn – Classic2 hrs 30 min73006700
Ladies Sojourn – Premium3 hrs90008400
Gentlemen’s Retreat – Classic2 hrs 30 min69006300
Gentlemen’ Retreat – Premium3 hr87008100
Oriental Secret2 hrs 30 min59005400
Ayurvedic Wisdom1 hr 45 min47504450
Bride & Groom PackagesDurationPricePrice After Weekday Discounts
Beautiful Bride Package2 sessions1325012350
Glorious Groom Package2 sessions1275011850
Add-OnsDurationPricePrice After Weekday Discounts
Head Massage (Relaxing)10 min400400
Head Massage (Energising)10 min400400
Dry Foot Massage10 min400400
Steam10 min400400
Couple’s PackagesDurationPricePrice After Weekday Discounts
Couples’ Relaxing Package1hr 30 min85008200
Couples’ Rejuvenating Package2 hr100009500
Couples’ Retreat Package3 hr 30 min1950018300
Pre-Paid Membership PlansDurationPricePrice After Weekday Discounts
Wellness Happy Hours12 Months15000
Wellness Platinum12 Months20000
Wellness Iridium18 Months30000