Natural Vs Chemical Skin lightening Remedies: What is right for you?

We all are born with naturally beautiful skin. However, as we enter adulthood several factors such as exposure to pollution, sun rays, stress, hormonal changes, etc. start affecting the colour, texture and health of our skin. Skin darkening is a major cause of stress and disappointment among women, because unfortunately even in modern society fair skin is considered as a symbol of beauty. The health of skin is more important that its colour and tone, yet many women with darker skin put efforts to change their complexion merely due to social pressure. Although you cannot completely alter the skin tone, it is possible to improve the texture and complexion to get a glowing skin. In many cases, skin conditions such as melasma or hyper pigmentation lead to dark patches on skin.  There are several remedies available that successfully reduce the dark patches and are used as Skin lightening treatment.

In this info graphic you will learn the factors that make the skin appear dark and the available Skin lightening treatment regimens. You can also find the disadvantages associated with the chemical skin whitening agents.


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