Mental Stress Can Increase Your Physical Pain


Office work, illnesses, finance management and some routine issues such as traffic, bad roads, crowded trains, etc. 

We face stressful situation each day and unfortunately cannot avoid most of it from our life. We get disturbed mentally during stressful situation, but may not be really aware of what happens inside the body.

Recently a team of researchers from University in Israel reported that psychological stress can actually reduce our ability to cope with pain. For their study, the scientists selected a group of 29 men who were tested for their pain threshold. The participants were actually exposed to a gradually increasing heat stimulus and were asked to indicate at what point they felt pain. Now, to induce psychological stress the scientists made them answer some tricky questions which they could not answer. The efforts to think and answer made most of the participants get stressed out. The pain threshold was again tested after inducing psychological stress among the participants.

On analysing the results, the researchers found that men who experienced higher levels of psychological stress had a much lower ability to withstand pain, compared with men who had lower stress levels.

Our brain is actually capable of eliminating our pain perception. But when we are mentally stressed, the brain loses its ability to filter the pain signals and conversely the pain can be increased.

Points to be noted

People who are stressed out mentally cannot cope up very well with pain
You need to manage your stress to reduce suffering due to pain