Tired due to travel? Go from tired to un-tired with Spa Therapies designed specifically for travelers

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Today traveling is a part of everyone’s life and is largely unavoidable. However, those long flights or car trips leave you stressed and exhausted. Spa therapies are one of the most effective ways to reduce tiredness and stress caused due to travel and refresh you back to normal.

Travel can cause the following problems:

  1.  Body Aches and Pains: Uncomfortable posture during the long trip or the constant jerks leave your muscles stressed and tired. This leads to pain in your body especially in the back and feet. Four Fountains De-stress Spa has designed Swedish Massage with wintergreen oil to reduce body aches and pains by improving oxygen flow to the muscles and removing pain causing toxins. Wintergreen oil works like a pain balm and relaxes the sore muscles.
  2.  Exhaustion and stress due to sleeplessness: Travel also means getting up at odd hours and not being able to sleep properly. This leads to generation of stress causing hormones called ‘Cortisol’ and a kind of fatigue sets in. Aromatherapy Massage works on reducing ‘Cortisol’ and it releases stress reducing hormones called ‘Endorphins’ into the body. These are same hormones that are released when you meditate or exercise. Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic therapy that balances ‘Vata’ element and promotes deep and better sleep. This removes fatigue and tiredness caused due to sleeplessness.

 At Four Fountains De-stress Spa, all the therapies are done scientifically and under the supervision of the Spa Doctor. The Spa Doctor will also understand the lifestyle and underlying issues causing stress to recommend the best suited therapy for you. Schedule your appointment today to consult with the Spa Doctor and understand your stress.

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