Massage in Mumbai – Fight the Heat Chaos With Summer Splash

The mercury levels are going up and the weather is getting totally unbearable for the Mumbaikars. Mumbai has witnessed temperatures as high as 40 degree in recent years. Getting exposed to a high summer heat is not only unpleasant but also harmful for health. Excessive exposure to strong UV rays during summer days is known to cause hyperpigmentation and darkening of skin. But did you know high temperature can also evoke fatigue and drain all your physical energy? Moreover, suddenly entering into air conditioned room from scorching outdoor heat exposes body to extreme temperature shifts. This can affect the vital organs and make you feel very weak.

Summer does bring with it an array of health problems such as dry skin, sun stroke, dehydration, and fatigue. Therefore you need to give more attention to your body to prevent summer health hazards. If you are looking for a therapy that can take care of most of the summer health problems, we are glad to introduce you to the summer splash massage in Mumbai. Four Fountains De-Stress Spa offers this unique and extremely beneficial full body massage in Mumbai and other cities .



What Does Summer Splash Massage Include?

A 60 minute massage in Mumbai is performed using refreshing lime extract in aloe vera and mint gel.

Mint: Mint is mainly used as an antimicrobial agent. However, due to its menthol content, mint can have a cooling effect on your body

Lime: Lime is known to improve the blood circulation throughout the body. This improves oxygen supply to all organs and helps the body feel rejuvenated and fresh. Being rich in powerful antioxidants lime oil reduces skin hyperpigmentation and also imparts glow to the skin by restoring lost moisture

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera contains 75 potentially active constituents including vitamin A, C and E. Massage using aloe vera gel helps in moisturising your skin, keeping it hydrated, rejuvenated and imparts glow to skin

7 Reasons You Should Try Summer Splash Massage?

1. It has a cooling effect on skin and overall body

2. Makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated

3. Restores lost moisture from skin

4. Keeps the skin hydrated

5. Improves blood circulation in the body

6. Reduces dryness and itching of skin

7. Imparts glow to the skin