How to Avoid Shoulder Pain Caused by Wrong Bag

With modern dressing style we all are very conscious about our clothes, shoes, looks and the accessories. Most of the style Gurus suggest picking the right bag to go with the looks. And in our continuous efforts to be stylish and following the latest trends we sometimes end up carrying the wrong bags that unknowingly put us in lot of pain.

Yes, the bag that you flaunt everyday can make you suffer from unbearable neck, shoulder or back pain at the end of the day.  According to physiotherapists and chiropractors satchels and messenger bags worn by men on one shoulder is more of an unhealthy trend than style. As for women, most of them carry hand bags on one shoulder even it’s too heavy. Hefty bags carried for a long time on one shoulder can cause neck and shoulder pain.

With our daily needs at work it is not possible to travel without a bag. So, here are some practical tips you can follow that can lessen the burden on shoulders.

1. Pick a Smaller Bag


The style keeps changing and so we follow it blindly. Many young girls tend to carry big bags that sit under the arm just because it looks great with their attire or suits their body type. But don’t ignore that the weight you are carrying every day for no reason is putting excessive strain on your shoulder. Try to pick a smaller and light weight bag that accommodates things that you really need.

 2. Clean It Up


Try to check every pocket of your bag today. You might find your world in it. Books, music player, tablets, newspapers, coins, headphones, lotions, sanitizers, coupons, accessories, umbrella, etc. Do you really need to carry everything each day? Carry things that are really essential, and keep you bag very light. This will help you to avoid unnecessary pressure on your shoulders.

 3. Switch Sides If You Carry a Bag with Single Strap


Experts suggest that carrying a bag weighing more than 10 percent of your body weight on one side can give you shoulder, neck or back pain.  If you have to carry a bag with single strap, switch sides every few minutes or wear is diagonally to prevent pain and repetitive stress on one shoulder.

 4. Switch to Back Pack


Bag packs are not just for children. Wearing dual straps distributes the weight equally and puts lesser burden on the shoulders.  Use a back pack when carrying heavy things to prevent back pain. This is especially helpful when you have to carry a heavy laptop to work every day.

 5. Hold Your Bag Close To Your Body


Your posture while you hold the bag is very important. If your bag sways away from the body it is more likely to put pressure on the spinal muscles. Hold the bag closer to your body so as to prevent shoulder and neck pain.


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