How Does Ayurvedic Massage Aid De-toxification?


Most of us are constantly looking for novel ways of de-stressing and improving our health. Maintaining a good health is absolutely essential to manage the kind of stressful life we all are living today. Modern medical science is constantly in search of new medications and therapies that can fight against our bodily weaknesses such as fatigue, pain, infections, etc. However, in our struggle to find new effective means to improve health, are we forgetting our own Indian medicinal system that has been there for ages and has been proven to be very effective?
The classics have accepted Ayurvedic Massage, known as Abhyangam, as one among the dinacharyas (daily regimen) for healthy living. Our body is naturally capable of fighting the toxins or the free radicals generated in the body using antioxidant defense system. However, environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, herbicides and diseased conditions can also spawn harmful free radicals. Therefore, Ayurvedic Massage is recommended for de-toxification of body. Here are 5 distinct mechanisms through which Ayurvedic Massage helps body de-toxification.


1. Fights Against Free Radicals


Ayurvedic Massage is known to nullify the free radicals with the help of the antioxidant thiol present in the body. This reduces the oxidative damage caused to the body by the harmful free radicals that are either produced through biological process or enter the body from external factors such as pollution, smoke, chemicals etc.


2. Increases Antioxidants in Body


Ayurvedic Massage is performed using long, flowing strokes. These typical traditional massage strokes improve blood circulation and restore the oxidant and antioxidant imbalance.


3. Stimulates the Lymphatic System


Lymphatic system works like a sewage system in the body. The lymph nodes trap toxins and ensure that these are removed from the body. Ayurvedic Massage stimulates the lymphatic system and helps to expel toxins or harmful free radicals from the body. Since lymphatic system is involved in maintaining immunity of body, Ayurvedic Massage can effectively boost immunity. Try Ayurvedic Massage if you have been falling sick often 


4. Expels Excess Toxins From the Body


Stress, fatigue or too much exertion of body increases the production of lactic acid that may leave you tired. Ayurvedic Massage removes lactic acid and other waste materials from body.

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