Learning Stress Management from The People On Top – #1. Sr. Vice Presiden, Sify technologies

Top 3 Stress Related Questions Answered by Successful Professionals In India!

It is not possible to avoid most of the stressful situations. This is especially true at our work places. So, the best way to our benefit is to learn how to deal with it. And, it is more important to deal with it through some healthy ways. So, hear it from the successful professionals who are on top position in some of the leading corporates in India.

Mr. Kirtikar Ojha, Sr. Vice President & Business Head at Sify Technologies

Mr. Kirtikar heads business for the Data Center and new generation Cloud Services. He has worked at leadership positions in Airtel, Reliance and Modi Xerox. He has total 26 years of work experience in Telecom and IT services.


1. How Stressful Is Your Job And Work Life?

Being a Sr, VP at one of the leading corporates I have a very stressful and demanding job. I have to juggle between multiple tasks and have long working hours.

2. How Do you De-Stress Yourself?

I love Walking.  I walk for about 4 kms each day for 5 days a week. I also enjoy music and movies. I believe in Spiritualism


3. Any suggestions for younger working professionals to manage work-stress?

Work hard on weekdays and enjoy your social life, party hard on weekends. Do spend time with friends and family. Develop a hobby and give time for it. During office hours just focus on work and don’t get distracted. But, after office hours don’t carry your work back with you. Physical wellbeing is very important to have a stress-free life. Practice yoga or some other physical activity that is convenient to you. Stay humble and have minimum expectations from life.


 Don’t take yourself too seriously!


My Fitness Mantra

  • I never skip my fitness routine of walking. Work needs me to travel across country at least 7 to 10 days a month and yet I stick to my fitness regimen.
  • I believe in having healthy diet and prefer to be a vegetarian

Try a massage Therapy to De-Stress Yourself