Housewives Have Benefitted from Affordable Massages
More than 60,000 housewives have benefitted from affordable massages at Four Fountains De-stress Spa

Many people believe that housewives’ day is easy and they do not undergo much stress. But we at Four Fountains know that housewives probably have the hardest job of managing kids as well as household work. They have to undergo both mental and physical stress, which if not reduced now, can lead to diseases and problems later.

  • Physical Stress: Daily chores and housework requires lot of physical activity. This leads to muscle aches and pains mostly in the back and legs. Four Fountains De-stress Spahas specifically designed Swedish massage and back massage to help reduce these aches and pains due to housework.
  • Mental Stress: Kids, household finances, managing the house all this is as stressful mentally as running a small company. But most people don’t realize that. This stress can cause headaches, irritation, sleep disorders, depression etc. Four Fountains De-stress Spahas designed Aromatherapy with blend of Lavender, Geranium and Marjoram which helps reduce anxiety and calm your nerves.

    Regular massages have been scientifically proven to overcome stress. Please contact the closest spa and the Doctor at the spa will guide you to bring you back to the stress-free state, from tired to un-tired.

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