Healthy Daily Routine For Undisturbed Sleep At Night
Did you know nearly 1 out 3 people stay awake at night, because they just cannot sleep.  Sleep problems are becoming more common and this is especially true among those who live a hectic and stressful lifestyle. Our ancestors neither had lights to turn off before bed not the alarm clock to wake them up. It was the body’s biological clock along with nature that worked in harmony to control their sleep-wake cycle. With civilization and discovery of light, the humans started exposing themselves to artificial light for a long time and that too at times when body does not need it.
The human body needs a sunlight exposure to regulate the secretion of hormones such as melatonin that helps to get better sleep. However, our work style hardly allows us to get exposed to the sun. Moreover, factors such as poor eating habits, too much stress and unhealthy sleep can result in sleep problems. Our body needs an adequate amount of satisfactory sleep for mental and physical development. Unfortunately many people have to rely on sleeping aids to snatch back their good night sleep, which is an unhealthy habit.
This infographic can help you to plan your day and get satisfactory sleep at night with minimal efforts.