Give Your Immunity An Upper Hand Naturally

Germs and pathogens are everywhere! Did you know that our body is exposed to millions of disease-causing pathogens daily? Shaking hands with people, touching the door knob, food that you eat, or even the air that you breathe can make you sick anytime. So, why is it that you don’t fall sick every time? It’s because our body is capable of fighting the infection causing pathogens with the help of its defense mechanism called the IMMUNITY. But, under some circumstances the body shows compromised immune power and that makes you sick immediately as you come in contact with the pathogen. This is especially true during the monsoon season that brings with it a host of illnesses such as viral fever, cold, cough, dengue fever and some other infections.  So, let’s understand the immunity and the ways to boost it naturally. This seems very important at this stage as there is a severe outbreak of dengue fever.