Give a Healthy Glow to Skin This Holi



Green for nature, red for love, yellow for hope and the list goes on!

The significance of every colour may change depending on culture and circumstances. We all love colors! While Holi, the festival of colours, is here and we are all set to splash “gulal” on each other, are we ignoring something very important?

Skin is the mirror of our body. A healthy glow to skin essentially reflects overall good health!  Apart from making you look and feel beautiful, it plays a vital role as a barrier to protect our internal organs from the environment. Skin is the largest organ in the body and is involved in regulating various important physiological functions. However, in its attempts to protect the inner parts of the body, the skin itself has to face too many harsh and harmful toxins, chemicals and UV Rays.Since the skin works so hard to keep you healthy, don’t you think you need to return the favour by taking care of it?

Too much use of cosmetics or even chemicals present in colours used during festivals can affect the appearance, colour, or texture of skin. The resulting skin pigmentary abnormalities appear to be visually unpleasant. This makes many people look for cosmetic and therapeutic treatment to treat their condition and get a healthy glow to skin.

For having a healthy skin, it is very important to have a healthy and stress free lifestyle. Unhealthy eating habits, poor sleep, increased work stress, smoking etc. are the stressors that actually increase the buildup of toxins inside the body. The same stressors along with prolonged exposure to sun and pollutants can speed the process of skin ageing and also make the skin appear dull and darkened.  But, with good skin regimen you can protect your skin and prevent it from ageing before its actual time. Furthermore, experts have developed some great treatments such as Facials, Body Polishes and Body Wraps for bringing a healthy glow to skin! Facials and Body Polishes is a great idea to get rid of damage caused to skin by the stubborn colours as those used during Holi. Facial Massage rejuvenates the skin, and makes it look healthy and supple. The exfoliants used in Body Polishes gently remove the build-up of dead cells and also make the makes the skin look glowing and fresh.

So, don’t forget to care for your skin while you indulge yourself in the beautiful world of colours. As mentioned earlier, a glowing skin is a reflection good health. Make sure you have a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and a regular physical activity.

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