5 Ways to Avoid Foot Pain Caused By High Heeled Shoes


According to some research, women who wear high heeled footwear are more likely to have serious foot pain and injuries requiring emergency department presentation. This may happen as wearing high heels forces your foot into an unnatural shape that can lead to some serious foot problems in future.  So are you making up your mind to give up on high heels? Well, here are some more health tips to avoid foot pain.

Wear Shoes of Right Size


You must always choose to wear a perfectly fitting pair of shoes to avoid foot pain. Choosing shoes that are too tight can put pressure on the toes or ankles. Too loose shoes may not be comfortable for walking

Slide in the Soft Insoles


This can help to reduce the impact on your knees and avoid foot pain

Don’t Wear Heels All Day Long

If your work demands a specific type of shoe with heels, try to carry it along and wear more comfortable shoes, such as athletic or walking shoes for commuting to and from work

Stretch Your Legs


If you have a sitting job take a break in between to stretch your legs

Consider Massage to Relieve the Pain


Massage improves blood circulation, which increases supply of nutrients and oxygen. It also relieves muscle tension, stretches tight ligaments and reduces stiffness.

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