Fatigue is Now Recognized As a Serious Disease


Have you been taking your feelings of constant tiredness very lightly so far? It’s time to take some action because fatigue is now recognized as a disease than just a symptom.

We often tend to ignore the demands of our body as the professional and social demands seem far more important to us than our health. Although at times we clearly feel the need to give some time to our body and mind to relax, our hectic and stressful lifestyle does not allow that. Fatigue mainly presents with feeling of weariness, constant tiredness, or lack of energy and can arise due to biochemical changes that occur in the body. When ignored, the symptoms can get worse and turn into a condition medically known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Some people also develop a condition called Adrenal Fatigue and report constant tiredness, difficulty getting up in the morning, and need for stimulants to stay awake.

Since there is no definitive test or diagnostic criteria to define fatigue, people who suffer from it remain undiagnosed and those who report these symptoms are often tagged as complainers. In fact, some medical professionals too consider symptoms of fatigue just psychological and not physical. However, with the new report released by Institute of Medicine in February 2015, fatigue will be taken more seriously as a disease that has mental as well as physical consequences.

As per the new criteria the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will now be known as Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease, or SEID for short.

The SEID will be diagnosed based on symptoms given below,
• Profound fatigue lasting at least six months
• Feeling extremely exhausted after even minor physical or mental activity
• Constant tiredness
• Unrefreshing sleep
• Memory problems

Many people do not realize that they actually are facing a chronic illness until it starts showing some of its complex consequences on body. Fatigue is for real and you need to take action to overcome it, before it reaches a serious stage. Relying on stimulants is not a healthy solution. You need to find out a healthier solution that gives long term benefits. Clinical studies suggest that massage therapies such as Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology Massage can reduce the levels of stress hormones and increase beneficial hormones, thereby energizing you.

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