Fatigue is For Real!


Suresh, age 28, has a new role as regional marketing manager. Frequent travelling on most days of week does not allow him enough time to relax at home.

Ananya, a 41 year old mother of two children works in a software company. After winding up office-work late in the evening, she finds it really difficult to take charge of all her household responsibilities due to lack of energy.

Suresh and Ananya represent many of those who spent most of their waking time either working, travelling or in other routine household work.  In today’s turbulent and competitive economic conditions health often takes a back seat for many of us. Long work hours, meetings around the clock, frequent phone calls, and never ending work pressures allows very little or no time for relaxing.You may look and act relatively normal, however, suffer from a general sense of unwellness or gray feelings. This feeling of weariness, tiredness, or lack of energy is called fatigue. Some people suffer from another serious form called adrenal fatigue. People who suffer fromadrenal fatigue often have difficulty getting up in the morning, suffer from lack of energy and have to constantly rely on some stimulants like colas or coffee to stay alert and awake.

Fatigue mainly results from some biochemical changes that occur in the body. Unhealthy lifestyle with poor diet, lack of sleep and rest, too much pressure at work, stressful jobs, etc. increases the chance of developing adrenal fatigue. Overall, a very stressful lifestyle that allows no time for mental and physical rest can lead to fatigue. Many people do not realize that they actually are facing a chronic illness until it starts showing some of its complex consequences on body.Irritable mood, poor concentration and attention, reduced hand-eye co-ordination,lack of energy, body pains are some of the health consequences caused by fatigue. Extreme tiredness or fatigue can also put you in a very unsafe condition to do certain activities that require alertness and attention.

One study reveals that nearly 72 percent of people working in IT industry report having mental and visual fatigue due to use of computer. This indicates fatigue is for real and you need to take action to overcome it, before it reaches a serious stage. Relying on stimulants is not a healthy solution. You need to find out a healthier solution that gives long term benefits. Clinical studies suggest that massage therapies can reduce the levels of stress hormones and increase beneficial hormones, thereby energising you.

Four Fountains De-stress spa offers an Anti-Fatigue Programme  that can help you to overcome your tiredness, and fatigue through Thai Massage, Foot Massage and Aromatherapy Massage. So, those of you suffering from lack of energy and low enthusiasm, we are eager to help you!