Facial Massage in Delhi


People living in metro like Delhi are familiar stressor that can increase the buildup toxins inside the body. Increased pollution, stressful job, sun exposure etc. can speed the process of skin ageing. In addition stress, negative emotions, and anxiety can also have adverse effect on the skin. People who are under too much stress or live unhealthy lifestyle with no physical activity, poor sleep and unhealthy diet tend to show signs of skin aging very early in life.

Facial Massage is the most common therapy used for beautification. It is thought to rejuvenate the skin, making it look healthy, young and supple. Facial Massage therapy consists of massaging of the face with creams, steaming (using a hot towel or a face steamer), and application of a face mask containing adsorbents and astringents. Massage relaxes the facial muscles and increases the blood circulation. Massaging the face using oil is believed to increase the collagen production which repairs the skin damage and darkening caused due to sun exposure and helps the skin regain its elasticity.

You should try Facial Massage in Delhi and give your skin the much needed nourishment. Take some time off from your schedule and visit Four Fountains De-Stress Spa and try the nourishing Facial Massage in Delhi.

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