5 Foods that Can Reduce Your Stress


Losing appetite during stressful situation is very common for some people, where as some choose food as a means to overcome stress. But, did you know that eating the right healthy food when you are stressed can actually be helpful? A few eatables have the capacity to elevate the mood by increasing hormones like endorphin and dopamine. Here is a list of some healthy foods that reduce stress.

Red Tomatoes


Tomatoes are known to improve brain functions. They are a rich source of lycopene. It fights brain-inflammation and is good for overall brain-health.

Dark Chocolate


You would love to know that chocolates can be your stress-busters. They tend to reduce trauma and help uplift your low frame of mind and get you back into the enthusiastic zone.



Honey is known to  keep your body toned and healthy. It fights depression and keeps the brain in a healthy condition. So, the next time you are in the negative zone, pour a spoon of honey in your mouth. You might feel better.



Bananas are a source of starchy carbohydrate that helps in maintaining your happy mood. Bananas contain potassium. You can feel energetic when the natural sugars in bananas enter into the blood stream. Having a banana when you are not in your best mood might help you smile a bit.



Asparagus is a rich source of folate and tryptophan. Our brain needs tryptophan to regulate our mood and emotions.

There are many other good foods that reduce stress and help you get over the traumatic zone. These are some of the basic and easily available ones. Try them to have a happy and healthy mind.

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