5 Signs Your Body Needs Detoxification


According to some recent estimates, nearly 75 percent of Indian population under 40 years suffers from excessive stress. In view of science stress increases build up of harmful chemicals inside the body. Presence of these harmful toxins in the body can result in lack of energy, tiredness and low immunity that can often make you sick.

Reactive oxygen species or the free radicals are a normal part of our body and we do need some of them for our physiological and metabolic functions. Our body is naturally capable of fighting the harmful toxins in the body and preventing the resulting damage. However, when there is too much build up of harmful toxins in the body it loses its ability to detoxify and such stage is known as “Oxidative Stress”.

Given below are some signals body sends to notify you the build of harmful toxins in the body and immediate need to get rid of it.

1. You Have Constant Low Energy and Stamina

Low energy

A number of recent studies have shown that oxidative stress may be involved in development of chronic fatigue syndrome. Free oxygen species (also known as free radicals) can enter body through external sources such as exposure to X-rays, ozone, cigarette smoking, air pollutants, industrial chemicals, etc. Build up of these toxins can lead to tiredness, lethargy, low energy and stamina.

 2. Your Skin Shows Signs of Premature Ageing

Signs of Ageing

Ageing is inevitable and nothing can prevent this natural process. However, oxidative stress caused by high levels of harmful toxins in the body can speed up the process of skin aging. Oxidative stress is probably considered as the single most harmful contributor to skin aging. Accumulated free radical causes damage to the cell components and leads to signs of skin aging such as fine wrinkles, thin and transparent skin, dry and itchy skin etc.

3. You Suffer From Frequent Headaches


Oxidative stress is also believed to play a role in the pathogenesis diseases of the central nervous system. Evidence suggests that oxidative stress can be responsible for conditions such as headache or migraines characterized by severe throbbing pain. Scientists have found that people, who report constant headaches, tend to have low level of total antioxidants and increased oxidative stress index.

4. You Suffer From Acne Problems

Woman with acne problem

Acne is the most common skin problems mainly observed in adolescents and youth. Clinical studies have reported that people with acne show presence of oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress along with inflammation plays a critical role in acne pathogenesis.  In fact in acne prone skin, the release of reactive oxygen specials (free radicals) is held responsible for initiating the inflammatory pathway in acne.

5. You Have Developed Problems Related to Fertility


Oxidative stress has been identified as a contributing factor for infertility problems in both males and females. Oxidative stress caused due to build up of harmful toxins in the body can affect the sperm quality and functions in men. In women, oxidative stress can cause problems such as endometriosis (a disorder of uterine lining), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and unexplained infertility. It can also lead to spontaneous abortion, recurrent pregnancy loss and some other pregnancy related complications.

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5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Acne

Spa Face Mask

Fighting acne is a daunting task, unless you know the right method to do it. With the right weapons in your arsenal, you could cure acne naturally and prevent breakouts. Here are simple and effective lifestyle habits and natural remedies for treating acne.

Use a Clean Pillow Case

Pillow covers

Begin by washing your pillow case regularly, as regularly as every 5-6 days. For washing, it is always advisable to use a non-scented detergent and hot water. Also ensure it is thoroughly dried before you cover your pillow again with it.


Wash You Face Often

water splash

Another preventive measure is washing your face a few times in a day. Use a mild soap and warm water. Give gentle circular motions during the cleaning process. Make sure you do not use any harsh scrubs. Ensure you rinse off well and pat dry your face. Another good way is to cleanse your pores. This could be done by washing with water as hot as you could bear, rinsing the water out and waiting until the heat is gone. Once done, repeat the process with cold water. Do this process 2 to 3 times.


Keep Your Make-Up to Minimum

Coloured Cosmetics

Stay away from oil based make-up. In fact, the lesser the makeup, the better it is for an acne prone skin. Consider wearing light water based make up, where ever necessary.


Watch Your Diet

Eat Right

Diet plays a vital role in curing acne. Minimizing consumption of dairy products and eliminating anything high in sodium could be beneficial. Staying away from caffeine is also very beneficial.


Take Professional Help When Needed

spa FaceMask

A healing facial at the Four Fountains De-stress Spa, the best spa in Pune is one of the popular remedies for acne. This facial usually involves a series of steps to gently exfoliate your facial skin and leave it glowing. The facial involves thorough cleansing, toning, scrubbing, massaging, steaming, application of mask and finally moisturizing the skin.


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Understanding Ayurveda: In Pursuit of True Health

Does absence of disease indicate “good health”?  True health can be achieved only through a holistic approach that targets physical, mental, and social well being.


Ayurveda is the oldest surviving medical system in the world. This intricate system of healing originated in India nearly 5000 years ago. The evidence of ayurveda can be found in the ancient books of wisdom known as the Vedas. Derived from its Sanskrit roots “ayus” (life) and “ved” (knowledge), ayurveda offers a rich and comprehensive outlook to healthy life. 

Ayurveda aims at attaining physical, mental and spiritual and emotional health. This makes ayurveda a holistic medicinal system that can provide “true health”. As per the ayurvedic theories, the health of an individual is greatly influenced by the lifestyle and environment. Ayurveda is therefore based on basic principles of panchmahabhutas and tridosha that greatly rely on correction of lifestyle and environmental factors. To understand the deep meaning of ayurveda we need to understand these basic principles.



Ayurveda believes that all living and non-living things in the universe are made of five basic elements Prithvi (Earth), Jala (Water), Teja (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Aakash (Ether). Even the human body is made up of these elements, which are collectively known as the Panchamahabhutas



Ayurveda works on the concept of tridosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), which are actually the physiobiological properties of a person.  Any imbalance caused in tridoshas can lead to disease and therefore creating a balance of tridosha in the body has been considered as a basic target for therapeutics in ayurveda.

By applying these concepts, Ayurveda aims to deliver physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

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