5 Foods For Natural Pain Management

5 Foods For Natural Pain Management

Pain is an unpleasant and emotional experience. The primary objective of any pain relieving therapy is to reduce the sensation of pain. In the first attempt, we may not look for a therapy that corrects the biological mechanism that has generated the pain, but rather any therapy that will ease the pain.  Experts suggest that several food items reduce inflammation, improve mood and reduce the sensation of pain. Although there is no such a thing as “Pain Relief Diet”, these foods can be natural therapies for pain management.  Let’s have a look at the foods that reduce pain.

1. Olive Oil Reduces Pain & Inflammation

Olive oil is rich in a chemical called oleocanthal, a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory substance with very similar properties to the pain medication ibuprofen. Consumption of olive oil through diet can reduce the production of chemicals that cause pain & inflammation in the body.




2. Fruits Effectively Reduce Joint Pain


Fruits are rich in antioxidants, and phytonutrients that show anti-inflammatory action.  This is especially beneficial if you have complains of joint pain and stiffness due to conditions such as arthritis.

Pineapple: Bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme present in pineapple shows potent anti-inflammatory properties and is thought to be as effective as ibuprofen in reducing pain.

Grapes: Grapes are rich in beneficial antioxidants and other polyphenols. The red and black grapes also contain resveratrol that shows anti-inflammatory properties.

Watermelon: Watermelon is another fruit that reduces inflammation in the body. It’s high in phytonutrients carotenoid, which can reduce the risk of joint pain and arthritis.

 3. Fish Oil improves Pain Coping Mechanisms


Fish is a very rich of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to be effective in reducing migraine headaches, joint pain, inflammation and muscle pain. In addition, Omega-3 fatty acids also improve mood and thus the pain coping skills.





4. Spices Can Reduce Joint and Muscle Pain


Apart from imparting strong flavour, taste and colour to our foods, spices also show therapeutic benefits. Some spices such as Turmeric and Clove find a place in Indian kitchens. These spices have a pain reducing abilities.

Turmeric: Curcumin, a chemical in turmeric, contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to help joint and muscle pain.

Clove: The main active constituent of clove Eugenol shows anti-inflammatory properties to reduce pain and inflammation.  Clove oil can also be used externally to reduce muscular or joint pain.

Try Pain Relieving Scrubassage performed using a special blend of clove and green tea leaves infused in a cream base

5.  Milk Reduces Risk of Joint Pain


Milk is a rich source of calcium and vitamin D that increase the bone strength and reduce risk of joint pain. Make sure to choose low-fat dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese

Apart from nourishing our bodies, food also affects the quality of our lives, our looks, moods, energy, and our overall health and well-being.   Make sure to include to eat right food items  in right amounts to fight pain naturally.

6 Things About Pain : Your Doctor May Miss To Tell You

6 Things About Pain : Your Doctor May Miss To Tell You


How often do you spend more than 30 minutes in a doctor’s cabin asking tips for a healthier lifestyle? Most healthcare professionals focus on curing your illness and helping you to get relief from symptoms than providing any advice on lifestyle changes. And so, our health care system is becoming more of an illness industry than the wellness. When you visit your doctor with a chief complaint of pain, mostly it is viewed as a symptom of some underlying condition. For instance, pain arising due to arthritis or pain caused by an injury. The underlying condition receives more attention for management than the symptom itself. However, pain in itself can be considered as a medical condition as it affects both physical and mental health of a person. Pain can affect your emotionally and bring down the quality of life. Here are few things about pain your doctor may not be able to tell you, but are important to know so that you can cope up well with pain.


1. Pain has a psychological connection

Being in pain is an emotional experience. Some experts suggest that perception of pain can be influenced by moods or beliefs. In some people pain is associated with mental illness. And, presence of mental illness can further worsen the condition. This kind of pain is identified as “Psychogenic Pain”. People who report persistent pain without any known physical cause, need to be evaluated for mood disorders or mental illnesses. And, so now you know why pain is referred to as an emotional experience.


2. Mental stress can increase your pain

Being in pain compromises your ability to bear the pain! This is a conclusion of a study conducted in University in Israel. Our brain is actually capable of reducing the sensation of pain. But when we are mentally stressed, the brain loses its ability to filter the pain signals and conversely the pain can be increased. You must therefore manage your mental stress to reduce suffering from pain.

Aromatherapy can help you manage stress. Try it!


3. Pain can be treated naturally

Pain medication is the most widely prescribed and used way of pain management. However, there are several natural therapies for pain management that have shown comparable efficacy to the medications. Thai Massage is a well-known therapy to reduce pain and fatigue. Studies report that it can be as effective as pain medication ibuprofen. Swedish Massage is an effective natural therapy to reduce muscle strain and pain.

Try Pain Relieving Massage at a professional massage centre 

4.  Pain assessment is as important as treatment 

Experts have introduced pain as “the 5th vital sign”. Meaning, pain can be considered to monitor level of physical functioning of an individual. Several Healthcare Organizations have introduced standards which stress on the patients’ right to appropriate assessment. This is because poor assessment of pain by the clinician may lead to undertreatment of pain. Pain is a uniquely personal experience and everyone reacts to it differently. Therefore assessment of pain is important before deciding the treatment options.


5. Wrong lifestyle habits can increase pain

You may not realise it, but you are partly responsible for aggravating pain. Wrong lifestyle habits such as slouching while sitting, sitting too much, sleeping on an old matteress or taking a wrong pillow, etc. can be the reason you suffer from neck or back pain. Correcting wrong lifestyle can help you ease your pain.

Read 5 Wrong Habits That Can Lead to Pain


6. Pain can disturb your sleep

Did you know people who suffer from chronic pain cannot complete their sleep needs. To put in simpler words pain results in disturbed sleep and sleep deprivation further increases the pain. Either way there is a strong connection between poor sleep and pain perception. Studies suggest that sleep deprivation produces hyperalgesic changes that increase sensitivity to pain. Lack of sleep can also interfere with the activity of pain relieving medications.

8 Therapeutic Benefits of Swedish Massage

8 Therapeutic Benefits of Swedish Massage

Did you know massage was known and practiced as a primary form of healing method by our ancestors? Massage therapy uses pressure, tension, and motion or vibration movements to heal the painful joints and muscles.

Swedish Massage can help you for pain management and offer some more health benefits too.


How many Indians are suffering from pain?

How many Indians are suffering from pain?

Pain can affect you in many ways.  An aching back can limit you from driving long distances, knee pain does not let you run for long, neck pain cannot let you carry heavy bags and so on. Be it mild or chronic, feeling of pain is extremely unpleasant. But did you know apart from your regular activities pain can also affect your efficiency at work?

In India Nearly 77 percent computer professionals report eye pain, headache,   pain/stiffness in shoulder, lower back, hand/wrist or fingers

Find some shocking pain statistics from Indian working Professional


Mental Stress Can Increase Your Physical Pain

Mental Stress Can Increase Your Physical Pain


Office work, illnesses, finance management and some routine issues such as traffic, bad roads, crowded trains, etc. 

We face stressful situation each day and unfortunately cannot avoid most of it from our life. We get disturbed mentally during stressful situation, but may not be really aware of what happens inside the body.

Recently a team of researchers from University in Israel reported that psychological stress can actually reduce our ability to cope with pain. For their study, the scientists selected a group of 29 men who were tested for their pain threshold. The participants were actually exposed to a gradually increasing heat stimulus and were asked to indicate at what point they felt pain. Now, to induce psychological stress the scientists made them answer some tricky questions which they could not answer. The efforts to think and answer made most of the participants get stressed out. The pain threshold was again tested after inducing psychological stress among the participants.

On analysing the results, the researchers found that men who experienced higher levels of psychological stress had a much lower ability to withstand pain, compared with men who had lower stress levels.

Our brain is actually capable of eliminating our pain perception. But when we are mentally stressed, the brain loses its ability to filter the pain signals and conversely the pain can be increased.

Points to be noted

People who are stressed out mentally cannot cope up very well with pain
You need to manage your stress to reduce suffering due to pain
How to Avoid Shoulder Pain Caused by Wrong Bag

How to Avoid Shoulder Pain Caused by Wrong Bag

With modern dressing style we all are very conscious about our clothes, shoes, looks and the accessories. Most of the style Gurus suggest picking the right bag to go with the looks. And in our continuous efforts to be stylish and following the latest trends we sometimes end up carrying the wrong bags that unknowingly put us in lot of pain.

Yes, the bag that you flaunt everyday can make you suffer from unbearable neck, shoulder or back pain at the end of the day.  According to physiotherapists and chiropractors satchels and messenger bags worn by men on one shoulder is more of an unhealthy trend than style. As for women, most of them carry hand bags on one shoulder even it’s too heavy. Hefty bags carried for a long time on one shoulder can cause neck and shoulder pain.

With our daily needs at work it is not possible to travel without a bag. So, here are some practical tips you can follow that can lessen the burden on shoulders.

1. Pick a Smaller Bag


The style keeps changing and so we follow it blindly. Many young girls tend to carry big bags that sit under the arm just because it looks great with their attire or suits their body type. But don’t ignore that the weight you are carrying every day for no reason is putting excessive strain on your shoulder. Try to pick a smaller and light weight bag that accommodates things that you really need.

 2. Clean It Up


Try to check every pocket of your bag today. You might find your world in it. Books, music player, tablets, newspapers, coins, headphones, lotions, sanitizers, coupons, accessories, umbrella, etc. Do you really need to carry everything each day? Carry things that are really essential, and keep you bag very light. This will help you to avoid unnecessary pressure on your shoulders.

 3. Switch Sides If You Carry a Bag with Single Strap


Experts suggest that carrying a bag weighing more than 10 percent of your body weight on one side can give you shoulder, neck or back pain.  If you have to carry a bag with single strap, switch sides every few minutes or wear is diagonally to prevent pain and repetitive stress on one shoulder.

 4. Switch to Back Pack


Bag packs are not just for children. Wearing dual straps distributes the weight equally and puts lesser burden on the shoulders.  Use a back pack when carrying heavy things to prevent back pain. This is especially helpful when you have to carry a heavy laptop to work every day.

 5. Hold Your Bag Close To Your Body


Your posture while you hold the bag is very important. If your bag sways away from the body it is more likely to put pressure on the spinal muscles. Hold the bag closer to your body so as to prevent shoulder and neck pain.


Did you know Swedish Massage is a proven therapy that can reduce pain and show long lasting benefits?

Check how the Pain Relief Programme offered at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa can help you.


Slideshow: 5 Spices That Are Not Just For Taste But Also For Health

Slideshow: 5 Spices That Are Not Just For Taste But Also For Health

Spices are a common ingredient found in Indian Kitchens. Most of the Indian food items cannot be cooked without the right proportion and amount of spices. But, did you know that apart from imparting strong flavour, tastes and colour to our foods, spices also contribute to good health? Here is a list of few spices that are loaded with health benefits.

5 Wrong Habits That Can Lead to Pain

5 Wrong Habits That Can Lead to Pain


Pain is the most bothersome symptom of stress. Be it acute or chronic it surely restricts our activities and makes us feel unhealthy. An aching back can limit you from driving long distances, knee pain does not let you run for long, neck pain cannot let you carry heavy bags and so on. Research reveals several causes of pain such as stress, low physical activity, excessive use of muscles, and wear and tear of joints. But, if we look closely there are certain routine activities or habits which may be neglected in our busy schedules, but could be the real culprits behind pain. Let’s try to find if there are some wrong lifestyle habits that are being ignored and can be fixed to prevent pain.

Wrong Habit # 1:  Sleeping On a Wrong pillow  


Check your pillow before you go to bed tonight. Is it too high, too stiff or too hard? Wrong pillow is often a common cause of neck pain and can also disturb your sleep.

Quick Fix:

  • Choose a pillow that supports the natural curvature of the cervical region, which includes your head, neck, and shoulders.
  • If you are not allergic, go for feather pillows as these can be molded to fit the shape of your head and offer less resistance than foam.
  • You can go for cervical pillows that are available in various materials and shapes. These pillows add extra cushioning to support the neck and help you to prevent pain.
  •  Use water filled pillows to customize the density and support it provides depending on your need.


Wrong Habit # 2: Sitting in One Position For a Long Time

Sitting in one position for a long time puts too much pressure on your lower back muscles and spine, and can cause pain. Immobility can also cause the degeneration of tissue due to lack of physical stimulation.

Quick Fix

  • Get up after every 30 minutes or an hour, and move for at least 2 to 3 minutes if you have a sitting
  • Stand while discussing work with colleagues
  • Move while talking on cell phone at work

Did you know that back massage with wintergreen oil can effectively manage your back pain and show prolonged benefits? Try Back Massage with wintergreen oil


Wrong Habit # 3: Wearing High Heels Regularly


We are not against being stylish, but not at the expense of our health. Apart from making you uncomfortable and causing foot pain, on prolonged use high heels shoes can cause some serious effects on your health.

Quick Fix

  •  If your work demands a specific type of shoe with heels, try to carry it along and wear during work times. You can wear some comfortable footwear while traveling to prevent pain.
  • Slide in the soft insoles

Try relaxing Foot Reflexology Massage to cure your aching foot


Wrong Habit # 4: Carrying Heavy Bags Incorrectly

Experts suggest that carrying a bag weighing more than 10 percent of your body weight on one side can give you shoulder, neck or back pain.

Quick Fix

  •  Switch sides every few minutes to prevent pain and reparative stress on one shoulder
  • Use a back pack when carrying heavy things like laptop that distributes the weight evenly

Try Head-Neck Shoulder Massage to reduce pain and stiffness in shoulder


Wrong Habit # 5: Using Computer For More Than Four Hours At a Stretch

Prolonged use of computer or even watching television for a long time can cause headache, eye stress, neck pain and wrist pain. Increased screen time is also a major risk factor for overweight as it becomes a sedentary habit.

Quick Fix

  •  Adjust your screen so that your eyes are in line with the top of the monitor screen
  •  Adjust the brightness of your computer screen and blink your eyes often to prevent pain or digital eye strain
  • Take regular breaks and do some alternate work
  •  Don’t hold the mouse too tightly

Try Thai Massage to boost your energy levels if you have been feeling tired for no reason

6 Benefits of Foot Reflexology Beyond Pain Relief

6 Benefits of Foot Reflexology Beyond Pain Relief

As per one recent study, nearly 13 out of 100 officer goers in India report foot or ankle pain. Factors such as walking for long distances, inappropriate footwear and regular use of high heels puts too much pressure on the tissue and cause foot pain. Foot Reflexology is undoubtedly one of the best therapies to opt for, when you have an aching foot. But did you know that when you take foot massage it shows its benefits beyond just relieving your foot pain? As per the reflexology theory, there are reflex points on the feet corresponding to all parts of our body. Thus, massaging the right reflex points on the feet can provide relief to another body part. Here are 6 reasons why you should go for regular foot reflexology even when you don’t have a foot pain.


Improves Vision

Stimulation of some specific reflex points on the feet can actually help to relieve eye and face conditions for many people. The reflex points that correspond to eyes lie below the three middle toes. Stimulating these points is thought to allow the eyes to perform better.Foot Reflexology can be helpful to manage tiredness and strain caused to eyes due to stress. Foot Reflexology has been also been proven to reduce intraocular pressure as seen with conditions such as glaucoma.


Improves Brain Health

As per the reflexology theory, the area under the big toes is co-related to the brain. There is not enough research to support the hypothesis that Foot Reflexology can stimulate the brain. However, it has shown to improve brain health through improvement in oxygen supply to the brain.


Reduces Fatigue

businessman with a big headache (isolated on with with copyspace)


The stimulation of reflex points on the feet causes certain physiological changes in the body that helps to get rid of fatigue and tiredness. It is thought to be associated with decrease in cortisol levels thereby reducing stress and fatigue.


Lowers Blood Pressure


Foot Reflexology improves blood circulation throughout the body and thus reduces high blood pressure. In one study the scientists found that Foot Reflexology session administered twice a week for 6 weeks showed reduction of triglycerides (fats) along with blood pressure. This shows Foot Reflexology may have a possible role in prevention of heart disease.


Accelerates the Excretion of Waste


It is well acknowledged that stimulation of reflex points on the feet can effectively improve blood and lymph circulation, which can accelerate the excretion of waste.


Reduces Anxiety

Foot Reflexology massage causes reduction in anxiety and stress leading to significant mental relaxation. In one study, researchers compared the effects of Foot Reflexology massage to book reading as another relaxation technique. It was noted that people receiving reflexology showed a 62 percent improvement in anxiety.

You can get benefited from regular Foot Reflexology at a reputed spa in Bangalore such as Four Fountains De-Stress Spa. Click here to book an appointment for a relaxing Foot Reflexology session and get re-energised.



The Story of My Stress-Free Life

The Story of My Stress-Free Life


Rushing to office in the mornings, travelling through crowded and polluted roads, skipping meals, sacrificing sleep, and everything else possible to balance work and family life! Who would know this better than a working professional living in a busy metro like Bangalore? Being in my mid-thirties and having a very high demanding job in IT sector, I can very much relate to the situation.

After spending about 10 to 12 hours of my waking time in office, I hardly used to find any “Me” time to relax. Increased work pressure and an attempt to balance professional and personal life, eventually started taking toll on my health. I started suffering from slight back pain. My hectic lifestyle became a major contributor to increased physical and mental stress in my life. As you read on, you may realize that this sounds a lot like your own story.

I realized that initial symptoms of my backache and body stiffness could actually be my body’s signals to alert me of upcoming health problems. To take control of the health condition I included regular 20 minutes of brisk walk in my routine. However, I was looking for some more alternative therapies to cure my backache.

Various natural therapies have recently gained tremendous importance in treatment of pain. I decided to go for a massage therapy to manage my backache. After taking regular Back Massage at Four Fountain De-stress Spa I got relief from my backache and my body felt relaxed and rejuvenated.

I would recommend those of you suffering from similar problems to try Back Massage  at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa at least once to feel the difference. I am sure you would understand the benefit it can bring to your body and mind. The spa has great facilities, trained staff and the services do not dig a big hole in your pocket too! Why is Four Fountains De-Stress Spa so affordable? Overall, I loved the experience and so I am writing this. A conscious change in lifestyle is must for managing stress and healthy living.

“I benefited from taking regular Back Massage at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa to cure my backache. My body felt relaxed and rejuvenated”
– Sonal Sarthi, Bangalore

Sonal is the winner of Best Story of the Week. If you too have an interesting story, come forward and share here  the Story of your Stress-Free life and stand a chance to win FREE massage at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa.