How Stress Affects Your Heart

How Stress Affects Your Heart

Stress can affect almost every vital organ in the body and heart is no exception. This article explains what happens inside your body when you are stressed and how it leads to heart disease. 

Science tells us that the brain controls most of our emotions through two important structures Amygdala and Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Adrenal axis (HPA). But, “love” is one emotion we all believe comes straight from the heart. Are you sure your heart that stores this love is healthy and happy?

Smoking, alcohol, too much coffee consumption, fatty foods, sugary drink, etc. are all well-known risk factors for heart disease. However, scientists have found one more culprit that can raise cholesterol levels in adults who otherwise have healthy lifestyle habits. Studies show that people who are under too much stress tend to show higher levels of bad cholesterol even if they do not show other risk factors. Scientists suspect that stress can increase your cholesterol due to 3 possible bio mechanisms,



Reason # 1.  Stress encourages the body to produce fatty acids and glucose. These substances further make the liver to produce and secrete more Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol also known as bad cholesterol, which is the principal carrier of cholesterol in the blood.

Reason # 2.  Stress interferes with lipid clearance from the body and raises the cholesterol levels

Reason # 3. Stress increases chemical substances like interleukin 6, tumor necrosis factor and C-Reactive protein that increase inflammation and also increase lipid production.

Several studies have demonstrated a link between stress and increased cholesterol levels. Even though you are physically active, eating healthy and having overall healthy lifestyle, mental stress can increase your risk of having high cholesterol. Stress management is therefore considered as an important part of healthy lifestyle. Along with eating healthy and physical activity, you can consider some healthy stress management strategies such as meditation, yoga or massage in Mumbai. Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Mumbai and other major cities <> offers therapeutic massage therapies that are known to reduce mental stress. Anxiety Relieving Massage in Mumbai uses essential oils such as lavender, grapefruit, rosemary, etc. that reach the brain and promote mental relaxation so that you forget all your mental tensions and stress.

So, as you celebrate Valentine’s Day, the festival love, make sure to manage your mental stress to keep you heart healthy and happy.

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Learning Stress Management from The People On Top – #2 CEO, Urban Ladder

Learning Stress Management from The People On Top – #2 CEO, Urban Ladder

Top 3 Stress Related Questions Answered by Successful Professionals In India!

It is not possible to avoid most of the stressful situations. This is especially true at our work places. So, the best way to our benefit is to learn how to deal with it. And, it is more important to deal with it through some healthy ways. So, hear it from the successful professionals who are on top position in some of the leading corporates in India.


Ashish Goel

CEO & Co-Founder, Urban Ladder (


Ashish co-founded Urban Ladder with Rajiv Srivatsa in July 2012 with the aim of making it India’s leading online furniture and home décor destination. Today, Urban Ladder is a preferred choice for shoppers looking for reliable furniture with great aesthetics.


1.How Stressful is Your Job And Work Life?

Energy level in a start-up is infectious. Therefore, it becomes very important to maintain and spread that same energy in the organisation. When you love what you do, irrespective of how busy or tiring a day you have, your energy levels automatically go up giving you the drive to keep going! It’s important to channel stress to high energy.

2. How Do You De-Stress Yourself?

One of our core values is ‘Fun as a way of life’. This does not only reflect in the way we de-stress during breaks but in every conversation. However intense a conversation is in our office, humour is always welcomed and appreciated. I also try to catch a football game in office whenever I can.

"Outside of work, I ensure I catch a game of squash or go running every morning."

3.  Any suggestions for younger working professionals to manage work-stress?
Your attitude towards stress makes all the difference. Either stress can bring you down or motivate you to do better. It is important to look at the long term picture and not get stressed with short term challenges and roadblocks.


My Fitness Mantra

  • I try to eat home-made food as much as possible
  • I also catch a game of squash or go running every morning



6 Reasons You Should Say NO to Sleeping Pills

6 Reasons You Should Say NO to Sleeping Pills

Are you someone who relies on sleeping pills to get a sound sleep at night? Although sleeping pills do help you get a sound sleep at night, it comes at the expense of some harmful effects on the body.

Here are 6 reasons that will convince you to look for some other options to snatch back you sleep.


Looking For Safer Alternative to Sleeping Pills?

Try Shirodhara Massage at a professional spa

  • It uses medicated oils that relax mind
  • It relaxes the nerves and soothes the hypothalamus
  • Totally devoid of side-effects
  • Uses 100% natural ingredients
5 Important Health Needs You Are Ignoring Unknowingly

5 Important Health Needs You Are Ignoring Unknowingly


Being healthy is critical to human happiness and well-being. Good health also contributes to economic and social development as healthy people show better work productivity. Although the healthcare system and other environmental or social factors are responsible for maintaining your good health, are you yourself contributing to your own wellbeing? Here are 6 habits that are very important for maintaining a good health and yet you could be ignoring unknowingly.

1. Exercising For At Least 150 Minutes in a Week

Exercise need not always be for weight loss or maintaining aesthetic body. Regular physical activity is one of the proven ways to have good health and physical fitness. If you are wondering how much you should exercise to be fit, the answer is at least 150 minutes in a week. Physical activity guidelines given by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity  or 75 minutes  of vigorous intensity activities each week and some muscle strengthening (weight training) activity for at least 2 days that for adults aged 18 to 65 years. If you are not sure what kind of physical fitness exercise is of moderate or vigorous intensity. Find it here 

2. Going for Regular Health check up

Regular health check-ups are extremely important as it results in early diagnosis of any health issue.  Unfortunately a large number of so called “master Health check-up programmes’ offered by some private healthcare organisations has become an unregulated commercial activity in India.  The need for medical screening varies as per your age, gender, health status and medical history. It is best to see you doctor and discuss the frequency and need for specific test for your health status.  Click here to have a look at some international guidelines for health screening based on age and gender.

 3. Eating Essential Food Groups

Did you know that low fruit and vegetable intake is among the top 10 risk factors for global mortality? Many of us get attracted to restrictive eating with an assumption of losing weight quickly. Furthermore, the popularity of diet plans such as low-fat, low-carbs, raw foods etc. leads to consumption of very specific food classes. Our body needs right amount nutrition from all food groups such as good fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein etc. as energy sources. It is therefore important to consume a whole meal that provides all the essential nutrients.

4. Not Drinking Water

Water is essential to keep the body temperature normal. It also helps to flush out the toxins and wastes through urination, perspiration, and bowel movement. However, in our busy work schedules we often forget to drink enough water. Research reveals that dehydration can affect brain and cause lack of attention and memory problems.

5. Not Measuring Your Stress Levels


Stress is a major contributor for several physical and mental health problems. We may complain and take action to correct some common health issues such as back pain, headaches, low energy, skin disorders, etc. But did you know most of these health problems are caused due to stress?  Managing stress is the first step towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. If you do not know how stressed you are, visit Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Mumbai or other location convenient to you. This professional spa in Mumbai offers eight holistic and scientific programmes that are customised and designed based on a computerised Stress Test conducted using principles of Heart Rate Variability.

Stress level measurement at Four Fountains De-Stress spa in Mumbai 

Stress level measurement begins with a detailed Lifestyle Assessment Tool (LAT) questionnaire to identify the root cause of stress. The results of the stress test along with those of the LAT questionnaire are used to create a customised programme for each guest.

Measuring stress levels and managing stress is an important health need. Book your appointment with Four Fountains De-Stress Spa and get your stress levels measured today!

5 Exciting Ways To Beat Your Post-Holiday Blues in Mumbai

5 Exciting Ways To Beat Your Post-Holiday Blues in Mumbai


Saying good-bye to relatives, taking down the Christmas decorations, arranging the party clothes back in wardrobe and getting back to work! Are you already feeling very low because holidays are over and it’s time to start the routine?  Here are few exciting things you can look forward to in New Year 2016.

1. An Art Fest Happening in Feb 2016 

If you are thinking that all the excitement and fun has ceased with the year that passed by, here is a reminder for you. Kala Ghoda association has announced the upcoming art festival starting 6th to 14th February 2016. You can look forward to some fun with dance, music, workshop and food. For details please visit

2. Rujuta Diwekar is Arranging a Fitness Workshop

If becoming healthier is your New Year’s resolution, then celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar is all set to make it come true.  Go ahead and register yourself for a UNIQUE 2-MONTH PROGRAM that includes a complimentary full day workshop and a 2-month individual follow-up with her team nutritionists. You can get the details here

3.   Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is offering Discount on Massage in Mumbai

Mental Relaxation with all the health benefits of massage therapy! How does that sound? Four Fountains De-stress Spa in Mumbai is offering therapeutic massage at much lower prices. So ahead and get de-stressed with a massage in Mumbai at a spa that offers scientific therapies for its health benefits and not just relaxation. Click here to avail your discount on Aromatherapy Massage to blow off your post-holiday stress.

4. HELP Is Arranging Free Health Talks

Health education is an integral part of your health care. If you wish to be updated with the current happenings in the medical world, don’t miss this chance to hear straight from the best of medical professional in Mumbai. Health Education Library for people (HELP) is an initiative started by Dr. Aniruddha and Dr. Anjali Malpani with an intention of making every individual in India aware of his rights and responsibilities as a patient. Have a look at some of the FREE upcoming talk arranged by HELP.(

5. Mumbai Travellers is Arranging Nature Trails Near Mumbai

The open skies, blustery mountain winds and chirping of birds! Does that sound exciting? Mumbai Travellers arranges tours on weekends so that you begin every new week with real freshness. Go ahead, join the team and leave behind all your stresses. Check the tour calendar to reserve your dates today (

Learning Stress Management from The People On Top – #1. Sr. Vice Presiden, Sify technologies

Learning Stress Management from The People On Top – #1. Sr. Vice Presiden, Sify technologies

Top 3 Stress Related Questions Answered by Successful Professionals In India!

It is not possible to avoid most of the stressful situations. This is especially true at our work places. So, the best way to our benefit is to learn how to deal with it. And, it is more important to deal with it through some healthy ways. So, hear it from the successful professionals who are on top position in some of the leading corporates in India.

Mr. Kirtikar Ojha, Sr. Vice President & Business Head at Sify Technologies

Mr. Kirtikar heads business for the Data Center and new generation Cloud Services. He has worked at leadership positions in Airtel, Reliance and Modi Xerox. He has total 26 years of work experience in Telecom and IT services.


1. How Stressful Is Your Job And Work Life?

Being a Sr, VP at one of the leading corporates I have a very stressful and demanding job. I have to juggle between multiple tasks and have long working hours.

2. How Do you De-Stress Yourself?

I love Walking.  I walk for about 4 kms each day for 5 days a week. I also enjoy music and movies. I believe in Spiritualism


3. Any suggestions for younger working professionals to manage work-stress?

Work hard on weekdays and enjoy your social life, party hard on weekends. Do spend time with friends and family. Develop a hobby and give time for it. During office hours just focus on work and don’t get distracted. But, after office hours don’t carry your work back with you. Physical wellbeing is very important to have a stress-free life. Practice yoga or some other physical activity that is convenient to you. Stay humble and have minimum expectations from life.


 Don’t take yourself too seriously!


My Fitness Mantra

  • I never skip my fitness routine of walking. Work needs me to travel across country at least 7 to 10 days a month and yet I stick to my fitness regimen.
  • I believe in having healthy diet and prefer to be a vegetarian

Try a massage Therapy to De-Stress Yourself

Work Stress & Health Problems [Infographic]: How To Prevent?

Work Stress & Health Problems [Infographic]: How To Prevent?

Work stress is thought to be associated with several health problems.  Some clinical studies that have analysed the effects of excessive work stress on health reveal that people with high job stress are at an increased risk of developing health conditions such as hypertension, sleep problems, and disturbed mental health. High works stress can also directly influence the work efficiency and job satisfaction. Although having coffee or surfing social media sites can distract you from stress for a while, it is just a temporary relief.

This infographic suggests some healthy ways of managing stress and how stress management at work places can benefit the employees as well as the organizations.


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6 Fun ways to Make Your Christmas Happy And Healthy

6 Fun ways to Make Your Christmas Happy And Healthy

The holiday season has begun and so has the need to stay healthy and fit. You would be surprised that we are trying to focus on health even while talking about the holidays. With Christmas celebration, wedding receptions, New year bash, and many more events, December can be declared as the official party month. With busy social activities and party schedules most of us might decide to feast on fried foods, sweets, skip exercises, or miss everyday skin routine. We are therefore presenting some smart ways to keep yourself healthy so that you can enjoy the festive season with great energy and enthusiasm.

1. Get On To The Dance Floor

Yes, dancing is fun! But, if you feel a bit awkward to get on to the floor at the parties, look at dance as a type of physical activity. With change in routine during holidays you are very likely to miss your exercise so make it up with the dance moves.

2. Get social

Parties and festivals are a great opportunity to get social and meet people to exchange some great talks. Getting involved in social activities and discussion in group is a great way to relax your mind. In fact, people who suffer from mental stress or anxiety are often advised to join some support group so as to increase their social interaction.

3. Have some family time

In the technology driven we are getting closer to people who are far and forgetting to catch up with those who are very close to us.  Make some time for your family and keep your gadgets away while you are sharing the quality time with your loved ones.

4. Send your loved ones a gift of wellness

We all like to make our loved ones feel special. But buying a gift for someone who is very health conscious can get really tricky. This year show your concern for health through a gift that promises health benefits. You can send a voucher for therapeutic massage at a reputed spa to your loved  ones.  Massage therapy relaxes your body and rejuvenates your mind.  Spa therapy therefore seems like a great idea to get rid of all your mental tensions and stress before entering the new year 2016.

5. Light Scented Candles

Christmas is all about sweets, carols and decorations. This year try to get a little innovative and get scented candles as great fragrance is a well-known mood lifter. Some specific fragrances are also known to calm and relax the mind. Read how fragrances can impact the body and mind. 

6. Have healthy foods for Christmas dinner

Just a little more! Comes the offering and we tend to gladly accept it promising to make it the last one. This is how we slowly start consuming more calories than what we need. When the consumption of calories becomes higher than its expenditure, it leads to weight gain. The display of calorie rich fatty and sugary food will surely be inviting but you can avoid it with some smart tricks. Start filling your plate with salads and veggies to curb your hunger so that you eat less portions of fried and sugary food. Remember this especially when you are having buffet style meals.

We wish you a very happy, fun-filled and healthy Christmas 2015!



Why Do People With Best Jobs Report Being Extremely Stressed?

Why Do People With Best Jobs Report Being Extremely Stressed?


Is your job getting very stressful? Are you struggling to get your next promotion? Caution! Getting right to the top, does not end the stress and struggle. In fact, it can get worse for you.  Recent findings report that in India, stress levels among working professionals rise with increase in salary and job responsibility. 

Modern life is getting stressful for almost everyone.  Most people report being stressed due to their constant struggle to get the best job, financial security, social status, and professional growth, ultimately anything that could lead to happier life. However, people who have already achieved all these luxuries too report being under tremendous stress. This clearly means stress has become an inevitable component of our lives weather one has achieved success or is still struggling to reach for one.

Recently, Optum, formerly PPC Worldwide, a global provider of employee assistance programmes, reported that stress levels have increased dramatically among Indian working professionals. This year there has been 44 per cent increase in cases who attempted suicide due to mental tension and high stress level.  Here is an interesting article that was recently published in Economic times. Flip side of fat pay cheque: Executives under a lot of pressure

If people believed that struggle to reach to the top is stressful, why are people who are already on top stressed? Experts believe that people on higher positions at corporates, suffer too much mental tension as they do not get enough time for themselves to de-stress and indulge in things that make them happy.  At times, it’s not the stress but the inability to cope with it makes one suffer.  Many people know they are in stress and that it is taking a toll on their health. Yet, they do not take any action because they don’t really know what causes stress and how to manage stress. So here are 3 simple to things to do when you feel that you are getting stressed.


1. Find Out Your Stressor

Is it your job, financial problem, your boss, your illness or something else. You can’t really fight stress unless you know what is causing it.

2. Don’t Think About Stress

When you have a high-demanding job, stress becomes a part of it. Don’t imagine how stressful your job is, because our brain cannot differentiate between what we are imagining and what is actually happening. So, when you keep thinking about stress, you actually suffer without actually being in stress.

3. Manage your stress as soon as possible

Don’t hold yourself back from indulging in a hobby that makes you happy from inside. There are some more proven ways of stress management such as yoga, exercise or meditation techniques.  Massage therapy is another effective method to manage stress. If you are looking for a professional spa that provides therapeutic massage in Mumbai you can try one at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa.

Did you know Aromatherapy Massage can create mental calmness and improve mood? Book Appointment for a 60 minute relaxing session of Aromatherapy Massage  


6 Top Questions You May Have About Four Fountains De-Stress Spa

6 Top Questions You May Have About Four Fountains De-Stress Spa


Many people have a misconception that spa is all about luxury and pampering. But, at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa we offer therapies that have therapeutic as well as scientific touch.

    1. Who Are We?

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is India’s largest chain of scientific health spas. Our aim is to bring scientifically proven health benefits of spa therapies within reach of more and more Indians. The prices for therapies at our spa have been kept as moderate as possible so that more people can afford to make therapies a regular habit in their schedules to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    1. What Do We Offer?

Our spas provide scientific, holistic and personalized programmes for pain-relief, anxiety- relief, better sleep, fatigue reduction, de-toxification, immunity, skin whitening and age-reversal. Each programme is a 12 week combination of therapeutic massages, diet recommendations, exercise recommendations and health healthy lifestyle change recommendations. We believe in providing measureable benefits and so our spa doctor keeps a health record and also follows up with every guest.

Have a query related to spa therapy? Ask our spa doctor

    1. Where Are We Located?

Our spas are located in 6 cities across the country. Each spa is located at a convenient place. To date we have 30 operational spas and we are expanding successfully.

Find out a spa location closest to you

    1. When Did We Begin?

The first spa was launched in 2007. We have progressed since then to open 30 spas all over India. Why did 3 IIT-IIM and S.P. Jain graduates give up their corporate careers to start Four Fountains De-Stress Spa? Click here to knowWhy Are We Doing This?

The main objective of Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is to offer a healthy and stress free life through affordable therapies to as many people as possible.

    1. How Do We Get It Done?

We offer a wide range of therapies that aim at relieving most of the problems related to stress. Various programmes offered at the spa include Pain-Relief, Anxiety-Relief, Anti-Fatigue, Immunity Booster, A.O. De-Toxification, Age Reversal and Skin Whitening. Each programme offers an appropriate spa therapy to manage a specific problem, diet recommendations, exercise regimens and other lifestyle changes. Each spa also has a spa doctor who can provide valuable tips for healthy lifestyle and fitness.