6 Benefits of Foot Reflexology Beyond Pain Relief

6 Benefits of Foot Reflexology Beyond Pain Relief

As per one recent study, nearly 13 out of 100 officer goers in India report foot or ankle pain. Factors such as walking for long distances, inappropriate footwear and regular use of high heels puts too much pressure on the tissue and cause foot pain. Foot Reflexology is undoubtedly one of the best therapies to opt for, when you have an aching foot. But did you know that when you take foot massage it shows its benefits beyond just relieving your foot pain? As per the reflexology theory, there are reflex points on the feet corresponding to all parts of our body. Thus, massaging the right reflex points on the feet can provide relief to another body part. Here are 6 reasons why you should go for regular foot reflexology even when you don’t have a foot pain.


Improves Vision

Stimulation of some specific reflex points on the feet can actually help to relieve eye and face conditions for many people. The reflex points that correspond to eyes lie below the three middle toes. Stimulating these points is thought to allow the eyes to perform better.Foot Reflexology can be helpful to manage tiredness and strain caused to eyes due to stress. Foot Reflexology has been also been proven to reduce intraocular pressure as seen with conditions such as glaucoma.


Improves Brain Health

As per the reflexology theory, the area under the big toes is co-related to the brain. There is not enough research to support the hypothesis that Foot Reflexology can stimulate the brain. However, it has shown to improve brain health through improvement in oxygen supply to the brain.


Reduces Fatigue

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The stimulation of reflex points on the feet causes certain physiological changes in the body that helps to get rid of fatigue and tiredness. It is thought to be associated with decrease in cortisol levels thereby reducing stress and fatigue.


Lowers Blood Pressure


Foot Reflexology improves blood circulation throughout the body and thus reduces high blood pressure. In one study the scientists found that Foot Reflexology session administered twice a week for 6 weeks showed reduction of triglycerides (fats) along with blood pressure. This shows Foot Reflexology may have a possible role in prevention of heart disease.


Accelerates the Excretion of Waste


It is well acknowledged that stimulation of reflex points on the feet can effectively improve blood and lymph circulation, which can accelerate the excretion of waste.


Reduces Anxiety

Foot Reflexology massage causes reduction in anxiety and stress leading to significant mental relaxation. In one study, researchers compared the effects of Foot Reflexology massage to book reading as another relaxation technique. It was noted that people receiving reflexology showed a 62 percent improvement in anxiety.

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