Body Wrap in Andheri West


Increasing pollution, exposure to sun, increased work pressure, and poor sleep, altogether describes a lifestyle of a busy working professional in busy area like Andheri (West). Working women who travel through Andheri station in trains find it even more difficult to manage the work and house. In addition, stressful lifestyle as reported by those in Juhu area eventually starts to show its adverse effects on health.

Skin plays a vital role in protecting our internal organs from the toxins and pollutants. However, factors such as prolonged exposure to pollutants or UV rays, poor diet, smoking etc. causes damage to the structure of skin. In addition, as we age the skin loses its moisture and starts appear dry and thin. If the preventive measures are not taken the signs of skin aging may not wait to show till we actually turn old. In fact some prominent signs such as wrinkles, sagging of skin, dryness etc. may begin from the age of 30 or even younger. Experts therefore recommend regular use of sunscreen to avoid the damage to the skin.

Body Wrap is another effective treatment that helps in correcting the damage caused to the skin structure. It is actually a type of detoxification therapy, in which the skin is first polished using natural ingredients such as salt or sugar granules in aromatic oil, followed by the application of mud or clay mask. Application of wraps promotes sweating and thus helps to remove the excess fluids from the body. A Body Wrap also helps in tightening the skin, treats the unpleasant appearance of cellulite. Body Wraps also activate the lymphatic system thereby promoting detoxification and improving metabolism. Body Wrap thus provides dual benefits by removing toxins from the body, and giving a healthy glow to the skin.

You can try a Body Wrap in Andheri or Juhu at the Four Fountains De-stress spa. If you want to eliminate the effects of damage caused to your skin and want to get a glowing radiant skin, opt for Body Wrap in Andheri. Please click on the following link.

Andheri (West) 
(Closest to Andheri West Station, Shoppers Stop Andheri, Irla, Juhu and JVPD)