Body Polish in Andheri West

Body Polish

Exposure to sun and pollutants has some harsh effects on our skin. And, people living in busy areas such as Andheri West or Juhu have to face this almost every day. Apart from the pollution, travelling though Andheri station and facing unhygienic conditions also causes some adverse effects on skin. In addition, stressful work life as reported by those living in Juhu leaves the skin looking dull and lifeless. Skin plays a vital protecting our internal organs from the toxins and pollutants. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the skin health.
Body Polish is used for exfoliation of skin. It normally uses natural exfoliants that are massaged, scrubbed and rubbed onto the skin. The massage technique used during Body Polishing improves blood circulation, which makes the skin look glowing and fresh. Additionally, massage also stimulates the lymphatic system that helps to remove the waste material and toxins from the body. The exfoliants used in Body Polishes gently remove the build-up of dead cells that makes skin look darker, leaving the skin smooth, healthy and breathable.
If you want to get rid of the darker and dull looking skin, you must try Body Polish in Andheri West. Four Fountains Spa offers Body Polish in Andheri West, using different natural ingredients.
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Andheri (West)

(Closest to Andheri West West Station, Shoppers Stop Andheri West, Irla, Juhu and JVPD)

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