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Try Healthy Stress Management Therapies At a Professional Spa

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Delhi is a highly professional spa that respects your privacy and hygiene concern.

Daily travel in metros, rushing to office through crowded places, and sitting in front of the computer the whole day! Almost every working professional in Delhi is aware of ill effects of such hectic lifestyle. Stress is actually body’s natural response to threat and danger, and can help one to perform better by causing some specific biochemical changes in the body. However, being constantly stressed out or under pressure cannot motivate you to do perform better.

Managing your stress levels is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent health problems that are triggered by stress.

If you are on a lookout for some healthy ways to manage your stress, body massage in Delhi at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa could be your answer. To book appointment call us @ 09987004004 for appointment at any spa location

How Do We Maintain High Level of Professionalism?

The therapies offered at Four Fountains Spa in Delhi are holistic and are selected carefully on the basis of their effectiveness in solving stress related problems. The spa believes in high levels of professionalism and hence takes care of even smallest things that make the guests feel very comfortable.

4 Reasons That Make Four Fountains Spa in Delhi a Professional Spa

  • The massage is performed by experienced therapists who are well-trained.
  • We provide disposable linen to each guest for maintaining hygiene and privacy
  • Each room has a self-attached bathroom for the convenience of guest
  • All the therapies are chosen based on their health benefit.

Hear From People Who Endorse Four Fountains De-Stress Spa As a Professional Spa

Health Benefit-Based Therapies Offered at Spa in Delhi

Includes therapeutic Pain Relieving Massage (uses technique of Swedish Massage) and Lumbar Massage (focuses on back region) to manage body pain as well as back pain caused due to stressful lifestyle

Includes Sleep Regulating Therapy (based on classic Ayurvedic Therapy Shirodhara), which is a proven method to create mental calmness and promote sleep

Includes Anxiety Relieving Massage with special herbs that are known to relieve mental tension and reduce other symptoms of anxiety

Includes Adrenaline Regulating Massage, Energy Restoring Massage and Reflex Point Stimulating Foot Massage all of which energize your body and mind

Includes Lymphocyte Stimulating Massage (uses principles of Ayurvedic Massage) that stimulates the production of lymphocytes to improve immune power of the body

Includes Body Polishes and Body Wraps with natural ingredients that promote sweating and stimulate the lymphatic system to expel the toxins out from the body

Includes Facials, Body Wraps and Body Polishes that reduce skin darkening and impart glow to the skin

Includes Facials, Body Wraps and Body Polishes that reduce the signs of age reversal such as wrinkles, dryness and sagging of skin

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Shivalik (Closest to Malviya Nagar,Saket,Hauz Khas,Begumpur)