Beat The Heat With a Refreshing Summer Splash Massage in Bangalore

Is the scorching heat making you feel wilted? Try a cooling massage in Bangalore with the goodness of mint, lime and Aloe vera!

Bangalore is loved by many for its pleasant weather throughout the year. In addition, being the IT hub the city attracts many young professionals to move to this city in search of job. Overall, Bangalore is a great destination if you are looking for a corporate job and love to live a typical city life. Facing temperature extreme was never a concern for residents of Bangalore until this year when the city has witnessed the hottest summer. In April 2016 the temperatures went up to 39 degrees, which is the highest noted temperature in the last 85 years.

Exposure to high temperature can be harmful to health. Fatigue is a relatively common reaction to severe heat and it results in problems such as extreme tiredness, dizziness, headache and fainting.  This happens as excessive heat causes water loss through sweating and also exhausts the vital organs. As a result you feel low on energy and weak. It is best to keep the body well hydrated and take rest if you suffer from summer fatigue. Did you know a massage therapy too can help you overcome the tiredness and fatigue? Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Bangalore has introduced a special cooling massage to help you beat the fatigue. Summer splash massage in Bangalore is performed using extracts of mint and lime in aloe vera gel. Mint and aloe vera have a cooling effect on body whereas lime is known to improve the blood circulation in the body. Improved blood circulation increases the supply of oxygen to the vital organs and helps them to return to their normal physiological functions.

Don’t let the summer heat drain your energy; beat the heat with a refreshing and cooling massage in Bangalore.