Superguide for Finding the Right Essential Oil for Your Skin

Superguide for Finding the Right Essential Oil for Your Skin

Essential oil is an important constituent that gives a characteristic fragrance to the plant and its parts. It can be extracted from any part of the plant including its flowers, leaves, stem or even roots. Apart from imparting flavour or smell, most of the essential oils are of substantial therapeutic value.  When you inhale essential oils, it stimulates the olfactory nerves present in your nose, which in turn stimulate specific center of the brain that regulate emotion, memory and sleep. Essential oils find a very valuable place in skin care. These aromatic oils are known to improve complexion in terms of colour texture and appearance.  All the essential oils may not have a pleasant or sweet aroma, in fact some are very potent and may have unpleasant odour too. Such essential oils can be used with other carrier oils that have better aroma.  This info graphic is your super guide to know which essential oil is right for your skin type and condition.


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When Was The Last Time You Actually LOL?

When Was The Last Time You Actually LOL?


LOL, LMAO, ROTFL, and those crazy emoticons! Have we started expressing our emotions in some other language? And, this is not a joke!

We see people glued to their smartphones, connected to their pals talking and laughing just on the screens. But, those emoticons and unknown abbreviations cannot give you the mental satisfaction that laughing out loud does.  Researchers endorse the benefits of laughter for healthy mind. In one study a group of researchers found that humorous laughter reduces levels of stress hormones. People who open up and laugh out to release their emotions suffer from the least stress.

Anticipating roaring laughter can actually increase the levels of endorphins, the family of hormones that reduce pain and mental depression.  A team of researchers have also reported that same laughter can reduce the levels of three stress hormones cortisol, epinephrine and dopamine.

There is a plenty of evidence to support the saying “laughter is the best medicine!”  The problem lies in how? Although we have read and believe that laughter can ease our stress and empty our mind, anticipating laughter is becoming difficult. We are becoming anti-social in our efforts to become very social on media. To make things worse is the stressful and hectic lifestyle we live. Long working hours, busy weekends, and never ending to dos list keeps us so occupied that there is very little scope and time to do things that we enjoy.

With so much power to heal and renew, laughter can surely help you ease out your stress and feel relaxed.  So, go ahead call or meet some friends, rehash the past funny moments again and again and just let it go. Get completely de-stressed as you laugh out loud!

Feel Fresh and Energised With Energy Restoring Massage in Pune

Feel Fresh and Energised With Energy Restoring Massage in Pune

If busy and hectic lifestyle making you feel wilted, Energy Restoring Massage in Pune is the perfect therapy to regain your energy.

City life of Pune encompasses both traditional as well as modern lifestyle. Once known as the oxford of east, Pune is now being recognized as the upcoming IT hub of India. This attracts a huge crowd, especially the young working professionals from all parts of country. Pune offers a very fast lifestyle and people have to put efforts to balance personal and work life. Long working hours, daily commute to work places, increasing pollution, and issues such as traffic jam make one feel extremely tired at the end of the day.

Extreme tiredness if left unmanaged can turn into a chronic condition called fatigue. People who develop fatigue report being constantly tired and on low energy. Some people even rely on stimulant such as coffee or colas to stay alert. Fatigue needs to be treated at the earliest as it reduces work efficiency and also puts one at risk of accidents.

Natural therapies such as Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology Massage can effectively reduce tiredness and fatigue. Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Pune offers Energy Restoring Massage that uses principles of Thai Massage. This massage offered in Pune spa helps to boost energy levels and reduce pain. Energy Restoring Massage uses yoga-like stretching action to reduce muscle soreness and improve flexibility. Thus, after taking Energy Restoring Massage in Pune your body feel totally rejuvenated and you get mentally relaxed. If you have been feeling very dull and low on energy, don’t hold yourself from trying Energy Restoring Massage in Pune.

At Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Pune you are sure to receive your therapies from the most professional and well trained therapists.


Prevent monsoon sicknesses with Ayurvedic Massage in Mumbai

Prevent monsoon sicknesses with Ayurvedic Massage in Mumbai

This monsoon get a strong immunity with natural Ayurvedic massage in Mumbai

Getting drenched in heavy rains and coming home to feast on a plate of hot pakodas and cup of hot ginger tea! This may sound like an idea on a lazy Sunday. But, getting drenched on a rainy day and sitting in air conditioned office the entire day is one reason enough to make you fall sick. The sudden drop in temperature with cold rain showers and damp surroundings trigger some common infections such as cold, cough, throat infections and viral fever.   If you wish to save yourself from monsoons illnesses and stay healthy, you need to boost your immune system.  

According to the Ayurvedic classics, Ayurvedic full body massage known as the abhyanga is one of the most effective methods to have a strong immunity. Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is a well-known and professional spa in Mumbai that offers Lymphocyte stimulating massage in Mumbai that is based on the technique of Ayurvedic Massage. As the name goes Lymphocyte stimulating massage in Mumbai uses special massage movements to stimulate the lymphatic system to produce white blood cells. This massage in Mumbai also helps you to get rid of body toxins so that you feel rejuvenated and fresh. Lymphocyte stimulating massage in Mumbai is available at all the spa locations and is performed by therapists who undergo special training.

Falling sick often due to low immunity can reduce your work efficiency and also increase absenteeism. To avoid this go for regular Lymphocyte stimulating massage in Mumbai to give your immunity an upper hand.


Experience the Best Massage in Gurgaon To Treat Your Aching Back

Experience the Best Massage in Gurgaon To Treat Your Aching Back

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is all set to reduce your back pain with a therapeutic massage in Gurgaon

Gurgaon has witnessed a dramatic increase in the population in last few years due to rising number of business centres.  Although the city is has seen development in IT or business sector,  the infrastructure of the city is not ready to support this sudden rise in crowd. As a result people have to face problems such as traffic jams and crowded public transports. Making a way through the crowded roads and spending hours sitting in the car can make one restless. It does not affect you only mentally but also physically. Sitting at one place and driving for a long time can put a lot of strain on back muscle and make it weak. In the long run the muscles and nerves get exhausted and give up. This results in severe back pain. To make thing worse is our work style! Sitting in front of computer, sitting during meetings, travelling frequently for work, etc. can aggravate back pain.

If you can relate to the kind of lifestyle described here, you are not alone. Many working professionals who have a high dress and demanding job in Gurgaon report suffering from back pain. Massage therapy that uses deep strokes is one of the best natural therapies to treat back pain. Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Gurgaon offers a special Lumbar massage for treatment of back pain. This massage is based on principles of Swedish and deep tissue massage. The massage strokes reduce stiffness and ease the pain. If you have been suffering from a back pain and looking for a natural therapy, then lumbar massage in Gurgaon can be the solution. The best part about taking lumbar massage in Guragon at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is you get the services from professional and trained therapists.

8 Simple Changes To Beat Work Stress Right At Your Workstation

8 Simple Changes To Beat Work Stress Right At Your Workstation


Want to beat work stress right here, as you are sitting at your workstation? Sounds like a great idea! And, it’s much easier than you think. Sure you can’t do much about the noisy neighbour or a rude boss who is stressing you out but you can make your immediate surrounding pleasant so that when you return to your desk you feel no stress.  Here are simplest things you never thought can help you de-stress.




1. Keep you workstation clutter free

Pile of files, newspapers, wires, charges, half eaten pizza, last year’s birthday gift! Not all of this is meant to be seen each day as you come to office. Did you know clutter can play a significant role in impacting your mood? Messy workstation can make you feel anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed. Experts suggest that cluttered work station can distract your focus from the important work you need to do and also may inhibit your creativity.

2. Keep a picture of a loved one

Who do you think of in your difficult time? You can’t reach out to that person while you are facing some kind of stress at work but a sight or a reminder of your loved can surely ease you out.  In fact research suggests that having friends or loved one around can keep your stress at bay. So, at your workplace a picture can help too.

3. Have a water bottle handy

This can help to sip away your stress. A glass of water is a simple way to unwind from stress. Our body needs water for important physiological functions. Lack of adequate water intake can cause dehydration which can affect the way your body works while in stress.

4. Keep an aroma diffuser 

An aroma from essential oils can reach the brain and act on the brain regions that regulate our mood. Using essential oils in the workplace is one of the effective approaches to reduce work related stress.

5. Handful of healthy snacks

Research has found that in stressful situation we tend to crave for fatty, sugary, calorie-rich food because it’s not about physical hunger at all, it’s about the comfort we get through food. You must choose some healthy foods that satisfy your hunger as well as overcome your stress. Looking for foods that are lower your stress?

6. Some Desk Exercise

Do you need an open space or gym to carry out exercise? Not always. There are some exercises you can do while you are sitting at your desk. Check out some great videos of exercises you can do at your desk.

7. Bring Your Favourite Plant To Office

Beautiful plants aren’t just decorative they can actually calm you down. In one study the researchers found that people who stayed in room full of plants actually showed drop in high blood pressure as compared to other hypertensive. Studies have also reported that common house plants can contribute to lower stress levels. So, this gives you a reason to get yourself a plant and keep it on your work station.

8. Some Music May Do The Trick

Music is very soothing and therapeutic! Scientists have found evidences through studies that a good relaxing music can reduce mental agitation and reduce stress levels. While we do not recommend playing loud music in office, it can surely be beneficial if you listen to some relaxation or meditation music for some time.

Fight Acne With a natural Facial In Gurgaon

Fight Acne With a natural Facial In Gurgaon

Get rid of bothersome acne with a facial in Gurgaon that promises the goodness of lavender and almond   

A healthy and glowing skin itself is an accessory! You don’t need much make-up to accentuate your face if you have a glowing complexion. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with skin that shines bright.  Your genes determine the colour and integrity of your skin. But, only partly at least in today’s face paced life which is full of tensions and turmoil.  The reason is not clear, but it is true that stress can affect the skin. Some experts find a connection between high levels of stress hormones and acne or wrinkles. People who suffer from acne breakouts report having a low esteem and suffer from a lot of mental stress, which further triggers the acne.

If you suffer from breakouts, like many other people you too might have tried the expensive acne prevention creams that may contain some harsh chemicals. But, did you know some natural herbs too have the potential to reduce inflammation and prevent acne? We, at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa offer a special inflammation reducing facial in Gurgaon for people who have acne prone skin. This facial in Gurgaon is performed using a blend of special essential oils such as lavender and almond. Lavender is known for its antiseptic properties and is therefore helpful in treating acne. Almond oil gives glowing, flawless skin. It is recommended to take this facial in Gurgaon every 21 days if you suffer from regular breakouts. Since it has all the natural ingredients, it does not pose the risk of any rashes or sensitivity reactions. Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E which is known to impart glow to the skin. So, inflammation reducing facial serves a dual purpose of preventing acne as well as making your skin soft and glowing.


Try Ayurvedic Massage in Mumbai To Get Rid of  body Toxins

Try Ayurvedic Massage in Mumbai To Get Rid of body Toxins

The monsoons have arrived in Mumbai just a few days ago but the city has already witnessed all the problems the rains bring along. Traffic jam, muddy roads, power cuts and railway blocks!   Is the rainy season getting a bit stressful for you? Adding to the trouble is a reminder that monsoon is also a season of sicknesses. This season brings along some common illnesses such as cold, cough, flu and fever. A seasonal change is considered as major trigger for such illnesses. If you wish to avoid falling prey to the common monsoon infections and stay healthy, you need to boost your immune system.

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa offers Ayurvedic Massage in Mumbai as a natural therapy to boost immunity. Ayurvedic Massage in Mumbai is performed using special massage strokes that stimulate the lymphatic system to produce white blood cells. The lymphocyte is an important subtype of white blood cell, which plays an important role in maintaining immunity. Ayurvedic treatment in Mumbai can also help you to get rid of body toxins and feel totally rejuvenated. As per the Ayurvedic classics, massage lubricates the joints and reduces muscle soreness. Thus, massage therapies in Mumbai can also help you to get rid of pain and soreness.

At Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Mumbai you are assured to get the most professional Ayurvedic Massage done by trained therapists.

Ayurvedic Massage in Pune: A Natural Therapy For Total Body Detoxification

Ayurvedic Massage in Pune: A Natural Therapy For Total Body Detoxification

Inhaling polluted air can result in toxin build-up. Get rid of body toxins with Ayurvedic Massage in Pune.

Pune is popularly known as the oxford of the east as it hosts some of the most prestigious educational institutes. Undoubtedly, the city attracts a high influx of professionals who come to Pune either to study or work. Pune has witnesses a significant growth in population in last decade due to development of various industrial sectors and information technology. Increase in population and especially a section consisting of working professional with high paying jobs, the city has also seen a rise in number of automobiles on the roads. Pune frequently gets listed in the most polluted cities of the country. But, recently, the reports from Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) reported that the city’s air pollution has increased by 35.7% in last 5 to 6 years.

Pollution has great negative impact on the human health. Asthma, allergies, skin problems are some of the most common and visible consequences of air pollution. However what often goes unnoticed is the way pollution results in toxin build up in the body that eventually progresses into chronic illnesses. Breathing polluted air is considered to be as injurious and dangerous as smoking cigarette. The chemicals or gaseous toxins present in the polluted air give rise to free radicals in the body. Free radicals are the free oxygen atom that is highly unstable. These free radicals cause damage to the healthy cells and result in inflammation.

If you live in city like Pune and are aware of the rising air pollution levels, its time you start taking charge of your health. Some natural therapies such as Ayurvedic Massage in Pune are very effective in eliminating the unwanted toxins from the body. The Ayurvedic Massage in Pune uses special strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system and triggers production of white blood cells. The massage is performed using special herbal oils that lubricate the joints and improve flexibility. Ayurvedic Massage in Pune is perfect therapy to get rid of unwanted toxins and boost your immune power.

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Pune offers A.O. Detox and Immunity booster programme. The Ayurvedic Massage is included under Immunity Booster programme at the spa in Pune.

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, Thanks For Being My Emotional Healer!

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, Thanks For Being My Emotional Healer!

The Story of My Stress-Free Life-2

An athlete, sports person and someone who believed in healthy lifestyle! That is to describe me in brief. I am Mitali Upadhye from Pune and I am thrilled to share with you the “The story of my Stress-free life”


My journey with Four Fountains De-Stress Spa started about 4 years ago when I became a member with this spa in Pune. I used to go for regular massage in Pune to get de-stressed. I loved taking Swedish Massage as it helped me get rid of body pain and muscle stiffness. However, Four Fountains became a companion in my emotional journey in June in 2013 when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As a line of treatment for my cancer  I used a Holistic approach to cancer management. I used to have low mood and suffered a tremendous mental stress. But, I was determined to go on. I knew I first had to be strong mentally and be compassionate with my myself to befriend  cancer. At this time, I was looking for a healing therapy that could lead to some mental calmness. After through research on the Internet and some books I learnt that Aromatherapy with fragrant oils is a very effective therapy that has helped many cancer patients to be emotionally stable. For 6 months I was regularly taking massage therapy at Four fountains De-Stress Spa in Pune every once in a week. I preferred taking Anxiety relieving Aromatherapy massage in Pune to make myself mentally calm. I also went for head massage and foot reflexology, and Thai Massage as I was suggested that it helps to get rid of fatigue. I did feel relief mentally as well as physically. In my opinion, massage therapy is very important to heal from illness and major disease one is suffering. It helped to detox-and de-stress me during challenges times.

People living in Pune have started taking a lot of interest in sports activities such as are running & cycling. Massage is an effective therapy to recover from the sports injuries. I have experienced the benefits of massage therapies in Pune on both physical as well as mental well-being. As a sports person myself i feel of that the athletes would benefit from the state of art facilities of Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Pune.