8 Simple Changes To Beat Work Stress Right At Your Workstation


Want to beat work stress right here, as you are sitting at your workstation? Sounds like a great idea! And, it’s much easier than you think. Sure you can’t do much about the noisy neighbour or a rude boss who is stressing you out but you can make your immediate surrounding pleasant so that when you return to your desk you feel no stress.  Here are simplest things you never thought can help you de-stress.




1. Keep you workstation clutter free

Pile of files, newspapers, wires, charges, half eaten pizza, last year’s birthday gift! Not all of this is meant to be seen each day as you come to office. Did you know clutter can play a significant role in impacting your mood? Messy workstation can make you feel anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed. Experts suggest that cluttered work station can distract your focus from the important work you need to do and also may inhibit your creativity.

2. Keep a picture of a loved one

Who do you think of in your difficult time? You can’t reach out to that person while you are facing some kind of stress at work but a sight or a reminder of your loved can surely ease you out.  In fact research suggests that having friends or loved one around can keep your stress at bay. So, at your workplace a picture can help too.

3. Have a water bottle handy

This can help to sip away your stress. A glass of water is a simple way to unwind from stress. Our body needs water for important physiological functions. Lack of adequate water intake can cause dehydration which can affect the way your body works while in stress.

4. Keep an aroma diffuser 

An aroma from essential oils can reach the brain and act on the brain regions that regulate our mood. Using essential oils in the workplace is one of the effective approaches to reduce work related stress.

5. Handful of healthy snacks

Research has found that in stressful situation we tend to crave for fatty, sugary, calorie-rich food because it’s not about physical hunger at all, it’s about the comfort we get through food. You must choose some healthy foods that satisfy your hunger as well as overcome your stress. Looking for foods that are lower your stress?

6. Some Desk Exercise

Do you need an open space or gym to carry out exercise? Not always. There are some exercises you can do while you are sitting at your desk. Check out some great videos of exercises you can do at your desk.

7. Bring Your Favourite Plant To Office

Beautiful plants aren’t just decorative they can actually calm you down. In one study the researchers found that people who stayed in room full of plants actually showed drop in high blood pressure as compared to other hypertensive. Studies have also reported that common house plants can contribute to lower stress levels. So, this gives you a reason to get yourself a plant and keep it on your work station.

8. Some Music May Do The Trick

Music is very soothing and therapeutic! Scientists have found evidences through studies that a good relaxing music can reduce mental agitation and reduce stress levels. While we do not recommend playing loud music in office, it can surely be beneficial if you listen to some relaxation or meditation music for some time.