8 Interesting Things We Learnt About Stress


1. Stress Can Mess With You Looks and Beauty

Too much stress can cause acne, brittle nails or even hair loss. So, while you take efforts to work on your looks, just pause and observe closely if any of the beauty disasters you have been battling lately are signalling the need to de-stress. Here are six ways too much mental tension and stress can mess with your beauty and looks.

2. Work-Stress Can Increase Risk Of Brain Stroke

This is the conclusion of a 2015 study conducted by Chinese researchers from the department of cardiology at Southern Medical University in Guangzhou. The study reported that people with high job stress were 58% more likely to have a stroke caused by a blood clot in the brain -an ischemic stroke.

3. Being With Friends is a Great Way To Relive Stress

Researchers at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands revealed this interesting information that your best buddy can be your stress-busters.

4. We Feel More Physical Pain When Stressed Mentally

Recently a team of researchers from University in Israel reported that psychological stress can actually reduce our ability to cope with pain. when we are mentally stressed, the brain loses its ability to filter the pain signals and conversely the pain can be increased.

5. Technology is Partly Responsible For Increasing Stress

Research suggests that too much availability of technology and gadgets can actually increase our stress levels by forcing us to stay connected and work beyond work times. Are you suffering from Techno Stress, A New Bug That is Eating up Your Peace of Mind? Here are few tips that may benefit you.

6. Smoking Cigarette Does Not Relieve Stress

People have this misbelief that smoking has a calming effect that helps to relieve mental tension and stress. However, scientific studies totally disprove of stress management capability of smoking. In fact, nicotine present in the cigarette actually increases level of stress. The temporary stress relief that you get after a smoke is merely due to psychological reasons or distractions. Here are some healthy ways to be stress free at work 

7. Money, Self-Pressure and Lack of Sleep Are the Top 3 Causes of Stress

This was revealed through a global study that involved nearly 27,000 consumers from all over the world who took an online survey and reported the reason for their stress. Take a look at this latest statistics