6 Ways to Manage Pain Without Painkillers


Pain is one of the most bothersome symptoms reported by general population. Most of the pain conditions are caused due to lifestyle habits such as prolonged sitting, wrong posture, lack of physical activity, smoking, increased screen time, etc. In India, nearly 77 percent working professionals report various pain conditions such as pain/stiffness in shoulder, backache, hand/wrist or fingers or headache due to work nature and lifestyle. It is not advisable to a take painkiller medication to get going every day, as these drugs give your pain relief at the expense of several untoward side effects.  So, can you manage pain without popping a pill? Yes, if you agree to follow some lifestyle habits consistently that become your natural pain management strategies.


Consider Massage Therapy


Massage improves blood circulation and increases supply of oxygen to all tissues in the body. Massaging painful muscles or joints sends a specific stimulus to brain, which gives a pleasant feeling and relief from pain. Clinical evidence suggests that massage can relieve chronic neck pain, low back pain, migraine and headaches, shoulder pain and several other pain conditions. A recent study suggests that massage therapy is a natural pain management therapy that not only reduces pain, but also helps in relaxation, sleep, emotions, recovery, and finally, the healing process. Book an appointment for a massage therapy


Sleep Well


Sleep is essential for normal functioning of brain. When you have satisfactory sleep at night, you are most likely to be fresh and in good mood the next day. But, it could be difficult to sleep peacefully when you suffer from pain. Recent study has found that people who have some chronic pain report that they get 42 minutes of less sleep than they actually need. The same study also revealed that sleep deprivation further aggravates the pain. To put in simpler words, pain makes it hard to sleep; less sleep exacerbates pain. So try some healthy sleeping habits or consider regular Aromatherapy Massage to get better sleep and have natural pain management. Try Aromatherapy massage at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa 


Relax Your Body and Mind


Stress is not restricted to mental health; rather in long run it takes a toll on physical health in terms of body aches and pain. Research suggest that being under too much stress increases your chances of developing various pain conditions such as headache, low back pain, neck stiffness, shoulder pain etc. While it is not possible to completely eliminate stress from your life. You must take small steps to de-stress yourself. Here are 6 exciting ways to de-stress yourself  


Turn On Some Music


Research suggests that music can be regarded as therapy and can have its effects beyond just improving our mood. Music is believed to reduce the intensity of pain and this serves as a great strategy of natural pain management. Research suggests that music can have beneficial effects on anxiety, pain, mood, and quality of life. Is music really therapeutic?


Exercise Everyday

Exercise is undoubtedly an effective natural pain management therapy. During exercise you tend to increase the body movement, which further increases blood flow and thus reduce spasm and contractures of the muscles. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphin often regarded as natural painkillers that certainly plays a role in the brain’s processing of painful stimuli.


Try Heat Treatment


Application of heat to a painful area can decrease sensitivity to pain. Heat treatment is a simple and cheap method that includes application of hot compresses, electric blankets or warm baths on the skin surface. Heat helps to increase blood circulation, relax muscles, and soothe throbbing pain and stiffness.

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